Fall 2021 Market Trends

Fall 2021 Market Trends

Fall 2021 Market Trends

By Mark Spain Real Estate

As we are settled into the fall season, Mark Spain Real Estate wants to share the important trends in real estate that go hand-in-hand with this time of year. Mark Spain Real Estate would be grateful to serve your real estate needs this fall.

Historically, fall brings better goals and less competition. There has been a high demand for homes all over the nation this year due to low mortgage rates and more work-from-home opportunities resulting from the pandemic. 

Typically the market fluctuates according to a variety of reasons, but this year factors that may impact your chances of making a good sale are high.

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Fall Market Trends for 2021

Trends at Mark Spain Real Estate

Market Trend #1: Less Competition Among Buyers

Fall demand is high and less competition is present, making this an ideal market for clients to enter if the opportunity presents itself.

Families have already settled into their new homes in time for the school year to start. With fewer buyers looking to purchase a home in the fall, you are granted more time to look for a new home and negotiate a great deal that achieves your real estate goals, as you are not up against as many offers for a sought-after property.

Buyer competition cools in the fall, which can also invite back buyers who abandoned the home search earlier in the year.

Market Trend #2: Serious Sellers

Some people decide to sell in the fall because the timing works best for them – not all homes that are in the fall market are leftovers from the previous seasons! 

Fall sellers tend to be more serious about getting offers on their homes. Buyers alike are more serious as they feel the pressure to make decisions before the holiday season hits. With that in mind, sellers could be more willing to negotiate with potential buyers and end up choosing a lower offer.

Market Trend #3: Different Buyer Demographic

Fall 2021 Market Trends MSRE

Buyers with families are most common in the spring and summer markets, but millennials and empty-nesters find themselves thriving when they wait to move after the peak season.

Also, employers who need to relocate workers often wait until the market cools down in the fall. These individuals may be more in a rush than others and will be willing to abide by a speedy closing in order to get situated in their new environment.  

Market Trend #4: Market Cools Off

It is no secret that the housing market normally cools down in the fall when families are back into school routines and people are less inclined to make big moves.

Last fall didn’t see the normalcy that usually accompanies the season due to how disrupted the real estate market became when the pandemic was in full force, but this year, homes are expected to sit a little bit longer and sell for a little bit less – and there are still a decent number of promising options for buyers to choose from!

Deciding what time of the year to enter the market is just the beginning, and our experienced professionals at Mark Spain Real Estate would be grateful to serve you in reaching your real estate goals.

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