Embracing Imperfections: Finding Potential in a Fixer-Upper

Embracing Imperfections: Finding Potential in a Fixer-Upper

Embracing Imperfections: Finding Potential in a Fixer-Upper

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Buying a fixer-upper is different from most traditional home purchases. Rather than falling in love with a home at first meeting, you instead fall in love with its potential. This takes a lot of delayed gratification for buyers. However, your patience will be rewarded if you’re willing to invest in a fixer-upper. 

At Mark Spain Real Estate, we want to see homeowners succeed. If you want to buy a fixer-upper, we’re here to help you maximize its potential! Whether you’re flipping the house for a profit or customizing it to be your forever home, allow us to help you throughout the process! Below, our experts have highlighted aspects of a fixer-upper that indicate high potential. 

Embracing Imperfections: Finding Potential in a Fixer-Upper

Best Fixer-Upper Location

Location is everything when it comes to investing in a fixer-upper. Even if the home needs significant work, it will hold a high value if it’s in a desirable area. Before buying a fixer-upper, pay close attention to homes near school districts, accessibility to amenities, low crime rates, and walkability. All of these factors regarding the property’s long-term value will come into play. You’ll also want to consider the area’s potential for growth throughout the community. If the home is in an up-and-coming area, you’d be wise to invest now! 

Investing In Properties With High Growth Potential

Finding Potential in a Fixer-Upper

Another crucial factor when investing in a fixer-upper is obtaining high growth potential. A fixer-upper with solid growth potential can adapt to modern living standards, meaning it can be renovated to create an open floor plan or expand living spaces. This growth potential can also extend to the home’s yard or outdoor spaces, as large backyards or unused land can be transformed into beautiful gardens, patriots, or outdoor living areas. 

Finding Unique Charm In A Fixer-Upper

Fixer-uppers often have a unique charm that can’t be replicated in newer builds. Whether hardwood floors, vintage moldings, or distinctive layouts, fixer-uppers often have unique quirks that can be spun as desirable selling points. Even if the rest of your home needs a bit of TLC, there are likely charming aspects that you’d like to keep to maintain the home’s personality and charm. 

Good Profit

Finding Potential in a Fixer-Upper

If you’re planning to flip and sell a fixer-upper, you’ll want to consider its profit potential. Purchasing a fixer-upper for below-market value and making smart renovations can significantly increase a home’s resale value. If this is your course of action, focus on making renovations that will yield a high return on investment, such as kitchen and bathroom upgrades. Before renovating, consider working with an experienced real estate agent, like those at Mark Spain Real Estate, to ensure your investment yields the highest possible returns. Our agents can help you identify the best profit potential hassle-free! 

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