Fix These 6 Things Before You Sell Your Home

Fix These 6 Things Before You Sell Your Home

Fix These 6 Things Before You Sell Your Home

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Before you take off and move on to your life’s next chapter, first you’re going to need to sell your home. But what if your house is difficult to sell? Or what if you are pressed for time—how do you sell your home fast? 

One of the main reasons a home stays on the market has to do with a seemingly insurmountable list of imperfections that scares off potential buyers. From rusty door knobs to foundation issues, there’s no issue too small in the eyes of picky buyers.

But in terms of selling your home efficiently, some home improvements are more valuable than others. The Mark Spain Real Estate team knows what it takes to sell a home fast, so we’ve compiled a list of six things to fix before you sell your home to maximize the chances of receiving the highest offers. 

6 Things to Fix to Sell Your Home

Your Home Exterior

When you put your home on the market, a home’s exterior is the first thing a large audience of hopeful buyers will see. So, it’s essential to ensure your home is a sight for sore eyes by taking care of its exterior. 

Likely, a buyer interested in making your property their new home won’t look forward to dealing with chipping paint, neglected driveways, or broken roof eaves. Check these items off your to-do list by power washing, grabbing gallons of paint, and replacing any damaged aesthetic features in your home’s exterior.Updated home for sale

Some who tend to their home’s exterior may neglect their lawns. Making lawns presentable is an endeavor that ranges from an easy fix to an extensive project. But usually, a lawn mower and some flowers will go a long way for a home’s curb appeal. 

Structural Issues

Structural flaws could make your home hard to sell—not to mention, entirely unsafe. If your house’s structure is old, having a professional take a look at it may be the best course of action. A roof is an important part of a home. An aged roof decreases the aesthetic value of a home and makes it susceptible to leaks, damage, and more. Another common structural issue that a home faces could lie beneath a homeowner’s feet. Foundational issues threaten the stability and safety of a house in the face of adverse weather conditions.

Key Technological Features

Is your home’s AC unit outdated? Have you been meaning to install smart devices? Are your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors functioning? Key features such as these may entice a buyer to purchase your home. Not only will modern technology give a buyer peace of mind, but it typically increases your home’s value. 

Kitchen Nightmares

An attractive or unsightly kitchen could make or break a buyer’s interest in a home. Kitchen enhancements can be costly, but your fixes don’t have to be an expensive investment. From making sure that appliances are functional to even simple aesthetic upgrades, a newly remodeled kitchen will undoubtedly boost the likelihood to sell your home.

Bathroom Aesthetics and Cleanliness

If the bathrooms in your property need some TLC, it’s best to act before you list your home for sale. First, it’s best to ensure your bathrooms are spotless without traces of mildew, superficial mold, or dirty caulk.Renovated bathroom

Other bathroom fixes include replacing tiles, leaky faucets, or light fixtures. You’d be surprised at how inexpensive and effective installing new lights can be and how an upgrade can give your bathroom a modern look.

Plumbing Fixtures

While inspecting your bathroom, it’s worth checking for any plumbing issues. Plumbing problems are, at the very least, annoying, but they become dangerous if left unattended.

Leaky faucets might seem like a trivial renovation, but they can lead to long-term damage. Areas suffering from water damage often invite mold or dry rot. Assessing any plumbing issues with an expert will help ensure your home is ready to sell. 

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