Forsyth Family YMCA Honors Mark Spain For Giving Back

Forsyth Family YMCA Honors Mark Spain For Giving Back

Forsyth Family YMCA Honors Mark Spain For Giving Back

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Last night the Forsyth Family YMCA honored Mark Spain Real Estate and several other volunteers at the Cobb Galleria Center. Mark has become a champion for the YMCA’s cause, using his leadership skills to help it improve the lives of the less fortunate. Mark Spain Real Estate strives to individually lead with a servant’s heart and put others, including our clients, first in all that we do! We are thankful to be able to give back to places like the YMCA and dedicate time to our communities!

Mark Spain Real Estate is honored to give back to our community

Why the YMCA is Important to Us

Mark Spain has been a founding member of the Forsyth Family YMCA since it was founded in 2016. With the creation of the Mark Spain Foundation, this support for the Forsyth Family YMCA has only grown stronger as they are one of our leading partners. The Mark Spain Foundation makes strategic charitable investments in the local communities in which we work. MSRE partners with organizations such as the YMCA because they align with our vision and conduct service projects that benefit families, veterans and our local communities.

Mark wanted to share with you why the Forsyth Family YMCA is so important to him:

I am a founding member of the Forsyth Family YMCA since they first launched. And to be honest, I considered it just a gym. A place to break a sweat, build some muscle, and kick-up my cardio.Mark Spain and Forsyth Family YMCA

I am a big YMCA “spinner” and typically go to the 5:30am cycling classes, and I was looking for a charitable organization where I could leverage my leadership skills. I wanted it to be the right organization.

Last year, our YMCA leader Kerry Carithers, a friend of mine, asked me to chair the inaugural YMCA Spin-A-Thon. It’s an event that raises money to help send underprivileged kids in our local community to youth camps. For four hours last spring I, members of The Mark Spain Team, and several others hopped on our bikes, practically spun our legs off, and raised money for those kids.

The event raised over twenty thousand dollars and throughout the year it has raised over thirty six thousand dollars. My eyes were opened to what an amazing resource the YMCA is for our local community. I knew I had found the right organization.

When Kerry asked me to join the YMCA Board of Directors, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. As part of the Keller Williams Red Day event, our office worked with the Forsyth YMCA to clean and restore “Camp Eagle Point.” Because of what we did, underprivileged kids could attend summer camp there.

Afterwards, I started a leadership event with the YMCA’s staff. We read a book on leadership and discuss a specific topic, our most recent one being “Creating the WOW Customer experience.” If I can help our local leaders improve their leadership skills, they can help more people, and together all of us can better help those who need our help the most.

For more information about Mark Spain Real Estate, visit At Mark Spain, we are dedicated to leading with a servant’s heart in all that we do! We want to give back to the communities that we serve and are honored to do so! We wouldn’t be where we are today without the communities we serve and places like the YMCA!

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Photo Credit: David Avant