Get Your Home Ready to Sell Before School Starts

Get Your Home Ready to Sell Before School Starts

Get Your Home Ready to Sell Before School Starts

By Mark Spain Real Estate

There’s still time to list your home before the bustling school year approaches! Mark Spain Real Estate has curated the top ways to get your home ready to sell while school starts. We understand you’re busy, and these tips will prepare you to sell with ease and confidence.

Sell your home by the time school starts back with Mark Spain Real Estate. Call us today at 855-299-7653!

How to Get Your Home Ready to Sell Before School Starts

Sell your home fast before school starts with Mark Spain Real EstateEnhance Your Curb Appeal

Your yard may have gotten plenty of use this summer with the kids playing outside or the hot summer temperatures. Whatever the case, amp up your curb appeal by tending to your yard. Plant new flowers or shrubs, pull weeds and trim bushes to give your home the most welcoming and best first impression. Tend to any dry patches of grass and water and fertilize the yard to give it the vibrant green look homebuyers love. Clean up children’s toys, clutter, or garbage to make the outside space feel clean. Don’t forget to accentuate the outdoor furniture as well! Homebuyers are not only looking inside a home but also outside of it!

Keep it Clean

Selling your home with kids running around can be stressful. Establish a plan to make sure your home is in the best selling condition possible at all times. Whether it’s baby food on the counters or toys strewn about in the living room, be sure to pick up around the house and store away any unnecessary items from view. Wipe down counters, remove dirt stains from the carpet, and disinfect. A sparkling clean home will attract homebuyers’ attention.

Prepare for Showings

To prepare, pack backpacks and diaper bags in advance so they are ready to go at all times. Identify the number of places to go when showings happen. Make this time productive by assigning the kids their summer reading books and projects to complete before school starts. Or, celebrate the end of summer with trips to the pool, park, or other fan-favorite summer activities!

Furthermore, if your kids are already back to school, try scheduling open houses and showings while the kids are in class or away from the house. For parents, open houses or showings mean you can tackle those endless errands such as school supply shopping or grocery shopping for school lunches.

Selling a home doesn’t have to be challenging. At Mark Spain Real Estate, our professional agents are prepared to serve you to achieve your real estate goals. Don’t let the stress of the school year starting prevent you from moving on in your real estate journey. Our team is ready to help! Contact Mark Spain Real Estate today and start packing!

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