How We Can Serve You in Your Next Move

How We Can Serve You in Your Next Move

How We Can Serve You in Your Next Move

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Mark Spain Real Estate strives to deliver an unparalleled client experience. Selling or buying a home can be stressful! Because of this, it is important to work with a team that places its clients first. We are honored to be the most trusted name in residential real estate, having served for over 25 years with over 33,000 satisfied clients and over $6 billion in sales!

Our clients can rest assured knowing they are in the most qualified hands when they are buying, selling, or seeking a Guaranteed Offer! We have compiled a list of reasons why working with a Mark Spain Real Estate agent is beneficial to you. Continue reading for more information!

Mark Spain Real Estate vs The Average BrokerageServe with a servant's heart

Mark Spain Real Estate is dedicated to making the process of buying and selling easy and stress-free! Our agents receive free training and never-ending learning opportunities. Staying on top of the industry’s trends is important to us, so we can deliver an unparalleled client experience. Our agents remain client-focused, as their main priority is to serve their clients in reaching their real estate goals. Our clients can feel at ease knowing they are in the most trusted hands! 

At Mark Spain Real Estate, our team of professionals collaborates to serve each client. Our strategic Marketing Department, Inside Sales Department, Exclusive Listing, and Buyer Agents all work together to support the team! The only thing an agent at Mark Spain Real Estate has to worry about is serving their clients in reaching their goals. Paperwork, marketing, sign and lock-box installations, and lead generation are all handed by specialized teams! 

Agents at the average brokerage are responsible for implementing their own marketing strategies, coordinating sign and lock-box installations, handling important paperwork, and generating leads. Additionally, the average brokerage does not provide free training, resulting in many agents resorting to learning and finding ways to grow and improve on their own.  In contrast, Mark Spain Real Estate’s qualified and specialized professionals work as a team to work towards one end goal, reaching their clients’ goals, combining the most qualified professionals to complete each task, ultimately reaching maximum efficiency and potential! The collaboration of professionals allows for more ideas and growth to flow throughout the community we have created in our brokerage! 

Our brokerage understands how tricky representing both sides of the transaction can get. Although agents at other brokerages can represent both sides, we choose not to! Mark Spain Real Estate has Exclusive Buyer Agents and Exclusive Listing Agents. Through specialization, we ensure the goal of the client is the only goal in mind, consequently eliminating biased outcomes! Additionally, by having our brokerage structured in this way, our clients can have no doubt that the agent representing them is the most qualified for the job. Our agents are able to focus on only one side of the transaction, so our clients can close with confidence.

How We Can Serve You Mark Spain Real Estate is grateful to serve you in reaching real estate goals

Our team strives to serve and be the most qualified and knowledgeable in the industry.  Mark Spain Real Estate provides numerous training and learning opportunities for our team to maximize learning and growth. Additionally, we study the market trends to stay ahead of the industry! 

Many buyers and sellers assume real estate agent representation is not necessary. They think that if they handle the process on their own, they will save money by avoiding commission fees. However, the return on investment when being represented by an agent is much higher than when listing as for sale by the owner. Further, placing a strategic and competitive offer on a home is much more challenging when lacking industry knowledge and experience. 

Our marketing is top of the line, providing our agents with access to a large audience. This ensures your home is seen on all platforms, bringing in plenty of potential buyers. Without it, your home could stay on the market for a longer period of time. When selling or buying independently, you run the risk of listing your home, or placing an offer for a home, at a value that is too high or too low. Our agents will ensure you get your listing or offer price just right! 

Mark Spain Real Estate is grateful to serve clients in reaching their real estate goals. If you are interested in leading with a servant’s heart, delivering an unparalleled client experience, and constantly growing and improving, apply today! We are actively hiring professionals to grow their careers to serve others in the buying and selling process! 

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Mark Spain Real Estate is grateful to serve all of Metro Atlanta, including Athens in Georgia, Raleigh and Charlotte and Greensboro in North Carolina, Nashville and Chattanooga in Tennessee, Tampa and Orlando and Jacksonville in Florida, Greenville in South Carolina, and Birmingham in Alabama!