Greenville Real Estate Guide

Greenville Real Estate Guide

Greenville Real Estate Guide

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Known for its ideal climate, stunning scenery, and southern hospitality, Greenville, South Carolina, has become a spot on the southeastern map for locals and visitors alike. And like its highly regarded reputation, Greenville real estate is also taking off. 

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home in Greenville, it helps to have a professional by your side to help navigate this competitive market. With decades of valuable industry experience, the experts at Mark Spain Real Estate are more than well-equipped to guide you through the Greenville housing market. Below, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to Greenville real estate for potential buyers and sellers of this sought-after city. 

Greenville Real Estate Guide 

Greenville Real Estate Overview

All prospective home buyers or sellers in Greenville should study local real estate trends before diving headfirst into Greenville real estate. While surveying the local housing market, our experts recommend accounting for the following factors before buying or selling a home: 

Greenville real estate

Median Sale Price

The median home price for a Greenville home is $377,500 as of May 2023. 

Number of Active Listings

The number of listings sold in Greenville in May 2023 was 163 homes, down 173 homes from May 2022. 

Days on Market

As of May 2023, the average number of days on the market for Greenville listings is 42 days.

How Much Do Homes in Greenville Sell For?

The median sale price for a Greenville home is $377,500 as of May 2023. On average, Greenville listings last about 42 days on the market, with homes receiving multiple offers.When examining the Greenville buyer pool, home sellers will find that most home buyers are current residents relocating within the city. Making up the remainder of the buyer pool are buyers moving from nearby metros like Washington, DC, or Charlotte. 

When Is the Best Time to Buy or Sell a Home in Greenville?

Greenville real estate is consistently a hot commodity. However, certain times of the year yield stronger market conditions for home buyers and sellers. If you’re looking to buy a Greenville home for a low price, your best bet is to shop in the winter. The colder months tend to have less buyer competition, leading to lower listing prices. Sellers also tend to be more motivated during winter, as they are often in a time crunch to sell their homes by spring. That said, sellers typically have more wiggle room for negotiating prices, closing costs, and closing dates in the winter, which can be a massive plus for a buyer.  

On the other hand, if your goal as a buyer is to find the home that’s best fit for you, shopping in the spring might be a better option. Home inventory is generally at its highest during April, May, and June. However, this season also sees its highest listing prices as sellers take advantage of the competitive buyer pool. Sellers also love listing their homes in the spring because they can optimize their curb appeal and arrange their move with ideal weather conditions. However, there are still a fair share of pros to selling a Greenville home in winter, including holiday home staging opportunities and less seller competition. 

How Can I Sell My Home Fast in Greenville?

Greenville is no stranger to quick home sales. With market conditions leaning in sellers’ favor, most Greenville listings only stay on the market for a short time. In May 2023, the average amount of days spent on the market for a Greenville home listing was 42 days. With this in mind, sellers shouldn’t stress about receiving offers. However, there are steps sellers can take to expedite their sales even more. 

By hiring an experienced real estate agent, sellers can maximize their listing’s exposure and streamline their sales. At Mark Spain Real Estate, our team offers a variety of top-performing home-selling tactics, from home-staging tips to pricing strategies, to streamline your sale and get you on to your next chapter. 

What Are the Best Neighborhoods in Greenville? 

Greenville real estate consists of some of the best residential communities and nearby cities. Whether you’re looking to live in the center of the city’s metro hub or the suburban outskirts, you’ll always find the right fit in Greenville. Read below to learn more about some of Greenville’s best residential areas and neighboring cities. Greenville real estate

Downtown Greenville

Downtown Greenville is a hot spot for entertainment, shopping, dining, and, most importantly, real estate. From high-rise lofts to charming townhomes, downtown Greenville offers an appealing mix of residential hot spots for prospective home buyers. 


Just south of Greenville, Anderson offers a dense suburban feel for its over 28,000 residents. Composed of families, young professionals, and retirees, Anderson hosts a diverse group of homeowners from all different walks of life. 


As the second largest city in the great Greenville/Spartanburg/Anderson area, Spartanburg is one of the most prominent communities in the upstate. Home to respectable universities, expansive arts and culture, outdoor recreation, and more, there’s always something to do in the city of Spartanburg. 


Located west of Greenville, Easley is one of South Carolina’s most sought-after cities. With safe residential communities, quality schools, and appealing town amenities, Easley presents a substantial livability for existing and incoming residents. 


Simpsonville is one of South Carolina’s best-hidden gems. Located just miles south of Greenville, Simpsonville fosters a thriving job market, excellent schools, home affordability, and more. Simpsonville is a great pick if you want to plant your roots near Greenville.


As one of South Carolina’s fastest-growing cities, Greer constantly welcomes new residents. Located in the heart of the upstate, this one-of-a-kind city offers stunning scenery, expansive shopping, appealing residential areas, and more. 

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