Guaranteed Offer Program: Your Questions Answered

Guaranteed Offer Program: Your Questions Answered

Guaranteed Offer Program: Your Questions Answered

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Our top priority at Mark Spain Real Estate is to provide an unparalleled client experience.  Our Guaranteed Offer program allows homeowners to sell their home hassle-free and close in as little as 21 days. We’ve gathered your frequently asked questions about the Guaranteed Offer Program, and had our top agents from May and June answer them for you. 

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Guaranteed Offer Program Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Guaranteed Offer Program work?

Our Guaranteed Offer Program consists of two options for you to choose from. The first is an off-market approach to selling your home, call our Guaranteed Offer. For this program, we source cash offers for our clients to allow them to close in as little as 21 days. This program is designed to maximize time and convenience for you and your family, all while bypassing the traditional hassle of showings. 

Additionally, the Accelerated Offer Program allows a broader base for our team to source buyers and maximizes time and money. Under this option, we can access the market as well as potentially source home buyers that are willing to do improvements themselves.

Are you still doing the Guaranteed Offer Program amidst COVID-19?

Our top agents from May and June have answered your frequently asked questions about the guaranteed offer program.

We are absolutely providing the Guaranteed Offer Program during these times. However, we have adjusted our practices to be conscious of safety measures. Some of the buyers we work with have also moved to a hands-free inspection process. Listing agents help by providing virtual assessments. While some buying might have slowed in the beginning of COVID-19, the demand is really picking up now. Our options in how we approach the Guaranteed Offer have expanded as well!

How long does it take to get my offer back?

Since the Guaranteed Offer Program is all about selling your home quickly, we get your offer back to you as soon as possible. The offer generally will come back to you in 48 hours or less. 

Will the offer I receive be competitive?

Our team sources the most competitive cash offers in the industry. Our Guaranteed Offer Program minimizes the time required to sell your home to allow clients to close in as little as 21 days. A Guaranteed Offer allows clients to sell fast without the stress of finding a contractor to make needed repairs.

Who is coming up with the offer price I get through the Guaranteed Offer Program?

With the Guaranteed Offer Program, our experienced team will work to source all-cash offers on your home. We will look at the recent sales in your neighborhood, the area you live in, and any work you have done to your home.  

With the Accelerated Offer, you and your listing consultant will review a comparative market analysis together to agree on a number you are happy with selling your home for. 

How do I know if my home qualifies for the Guaranteed Offer Program?

Our Guaranteed Offer Program does have some parameters a home must meet.  The best thing to do is let an agent come take a look at your home to explain our process and show you what options we have to offer you.  

Will I still work with my own Mark Spain Real Estate agent if I use this program?

That is what makes our program so successful! You will be represented by your own Mark Spain Real Estate listing agent. With the Mark Spain Real Estate Guaranteed Offer Program, the buyer is represented by the investor agent, and our client is represented by their exclusive Mark Spain listing agent. This has allowed Mark Spain Real Estate to close over 85% of our Guaranteed Offer transactions.

We had out top agents answer your questions about the Guaranteed offer program

Additionally, the priority of any Mark Spain Real Estate agent is to provide an unparalleled client experience. We achieve this by representing our clients throughout the entire process. This is what makes our program more successful for our clients.

How quickly can I close with a Guaranteed Offer?

Our clients can close in as little as 21 days or pick a date that works best for them. It is that easy! 

What is the process to sell with a Guaranteed Offer?

The Guaranteed Offer process to sell your home is extremely simple.  All the seller has to do is meet with their Mark Spain Real Estate agent.  We will explain all their options under the program, they select which program works best for them, and they will receive their estimated net at the appointment.

If my home does not qualify, is there another program to sell my home fast?

Yes, we have other programs.  The Guaranteed Offer Program actually has two options and most clients should qualify for at least one of them. If neither of these options helps you meet your goals, our Traditional Market Listing Program may be what is best for you.  It is up to the client to decide what is most important to them: time, convenience, or money.  

Ready to sell fast? Get a Guaranteed Offer on your home today!

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