Athens Has a Dream Home for Every Generation

Athens Has a Dream Home for Every Generation

Athens Has a Dream Home for Every Generation

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Athens, Georgia is home to the University of Georgia, the Georgia Museum of Art, and the State Botanical Garden of Georgia. This community was once considered just another college town, but now, “The Classic City” is the fourth largest city of Georgia. The city’s growth over the last few decades is in large part due to the migration of college students to Athens, but the city’s restaurants, creative climate, and iconic music venues have contributed to the rise in population. One notable music venue, 40 Watt Club, was instrumental in launching local bands such as R.E.M, the Indigo Girls, and The B-52s, thus placing Athens on the music scene map.

Athens has a home for every generation

Thirty-five percent of American homeowners say they have already purchased their dream home, leaving 65 percent of Americans still searching for the home of their dreams. In a city like Athens, with such a diverse range of generations, its residents have many different tastes in real estate. Fortunately, the Athens real estate market offers a wide selection of dream homes for every generation. Whether you are a Millennial, Generation Xer, or Baby Boomer, Athens could very well be the dream setting for your dream home.

What Does Each Generation Look For In Their Dream Home?


Millennials in Athens

The youngest adult generation, the Millennials, are searching for homes between 1,400 and 2,600 square feet. The location of the home should be a short commute to work or living in a great school district. While urban living is a possibility, only 6% of Millennials would search out a high-rise penthouse. When it comes to amenities, the Millennial home should have it all. Many homes in Athens meet their key criteria which include a newer, modern home, which includes the newest technologies Millennials are accustomed to, a yard with a patio or deck, open floor plan, and a gourmet kitchen.

generation x

Generation X

Like Millennials, the largest generation, Generation X, prefers to live in an average size home. Though 14% of Generation Xers would reside in a home over 3,200 square feet if given the opportunity. Generation Xers, like 54% of Americans, prefer their home to be located in the suburbs. Likewise, Southerners such as Athenians, prefer their homes to be located in the countryside. Generation Xers love to entertain. In that case, Athens real estate should include a large backyard with deck and possibly a swimming pool. Modern amenities, an open floor plan, and a gourmet kitchen also tops their list of needs.

baby boomers

Baby Boomers

The oldest generation, the Baby Boomers, tend to downsize as they age and become empty nesters. Baby Boomers prefer the ranch home over modern homes. The ranch is a single-story structure with minimal stairs that are typically more accessible to the aging population. Unlike Millennials and Generation Xers, Baby Boomers will forego modern amenities if an older home suits their needs. Additionally, 37% of Baby Boomers want an outdoor space for growing a vegetable or flower garden.

By Tara Scott-Johnson, Trulia

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