Our Client Experience: Free Termite Inspection

Our Client Experience: Free Termite Inspection

Our Client Experience: Free Termite Inspection

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Secure a free termite inspection with Mark Spain Real Estate! We believe in exceeding our client’s expectations to help them reach their goals. Our passion is to deliver an unparalleled client experience. Some of our key values at Mark Spain Real Estate are to remain client focused and lead with a servant’s heart.

Our agents are trained to go above and beyond in everything they do, especially when working directly with our clients. One of our Stockbridge agents, Charles, was able to assist his client, Monica, during every step and help her secure a free termite inspection. 

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Free Termite Inspection and our Agents Perspective

“I enjoy knowing I am helping with not only selling a property, but also with all my client’s needs during the transaction. My client had a busy schedule working for a major hotel chain. To accommodate her working schedule, I made myself available early mornings and full days if necessary.”

“There were times I drove over to explain documentation she was receiving in email such as seller’s information sheets, inspection reports, and amendments. It’s important that clients fully understand all parts of the transaction.”, shared our listing agent, Charles Wilkerson.

When Monica’s pest control company informed her it would be $150.00 for a termite inspection, she called me for help. I spoke to the technician and after it was clear the fee could not be waived, I arranged for our partner (Arrow) to come in and inspect the home at no cost to our client. Win!” “

This is not an isolated case as we are trained to take care of our clients. This component attracted me to work at Mark Spain Real Estate. It allows us to create a deeper relationship with our clients which is a win for all! The result is a client for life! This transaction allowed me to grow as an agent and feel accomplished by the end of it. Delivering an unparalleled client experience is beneficial to both sides of the transaction.

Delivering an unparalleled client experience is our top priority at Mark Spain Real Estate!

Monica’s Side of the Sale- Our Client Experience

When asked about her client experience with Mark Spain Real Estate, Monica shared, “Charles Wilkerson was phenomenal and working with him was very easy. He was very knowledgeable, was there for every single appointment, and answered every phone call, text message and email. He did not miss a Beat. I love Mark Spain. I would definitely recommend this company in buying or selling your home with two thumbs up”

We pride ourselves on consistently delivering an unparalleled client experience. Our goal is to continue to be the most trusted name in real estate. Let us help you sell your home, we would love to serve you!

You can feel at ease allowing us to lead you in the selling of your home, as we have encouraged ourselves to extend our knowledge and growth through tactics like continuous trainings and experiences! We set ourselves apart to be the most knowledgable in the industry and deliver an unparalleled client experience!

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