Hey UGA, Mark Spain Real Estate is Hiring!

Hey UGA, Mark Spain Real Estate is Hiring!

Hey UGA, Mark Spain Real Estate is Hiring!

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Whenever we begin our hiring process, UGA graduates come straight to mind. At Mark Spain Real Estate, we believe that building a successful team means starting with the right people. We promote a culture of “leading with a servant’s heart” and fully believe in going the extra mile for our clients.

Over the next several months, we’ll look for team players and grounded leaders. That is exactly the type of person UGA grooms. So hey, looks like you have a leg up on the competition!











John Makarewicz, President of MSRE, comments that this is a huge growth period for Mark Spain Real Estate. Hiring opportunities are at an all-time high; “It’s about striking that balance of growing very quickly but also maintaining a strong level of customer service.”

“We are recruiting very heavily right now and one of our biggest challenges is finding those people that are inherently good at customer service, believe in it, and have it built into who they are as a person. It’s sometimes hard to see that with just one interview so we have a multi-step process where we take people through some behavioral assessments… really what we are trying to dive into is if this is someone who cares about people at a deep level.”

So Here's Looking at You










So here’s looking at you, UGA.

Mark Spain Real Estate is expanding and we are looking for talented individuals in all of our departments! If you are an outgoing, driven, dynamic individual, looking to increase your business and live a big life then Mark Spain Real Estate may be for you.

5 reasons UGA students should come work with us:

1. Our first priority is our people.

2. We give you freedom and autonomy.

3. We have a kickball team. Need we say more?

4. We’ve created an environment tailored for success.

5. You won’t find a better opportunity that hits all the bases.

UGA grads








From our agents to our administrative staff, we strive to find those individuals who exemplify a servant’s heart in and out of the office.

Our recruiting process is extensive. We spend upwards of 12-24 hours getting to know potential recruits, their mindsets, and their values.

“I have been a part of Mark Spain Real Estate for 4 years.  I love my job and mostly the outstanding group of people that work on our team. It goes without saying it comes from our Chairman and CEO, Mark Spain himself, he is a truly genuine caring individual that goes above and beyond. He has integrity and strong work ethic.  Mark Spain Real Estate allows me to maintain a great work/life balance.” 

– Gina Rogusky, Client Care Coordinator


Want more information on open positions available? Check them out here!

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