Home Decor and Design Trends in 2019

Home Decor and Design Trends in 2019

Home Decor and Design Trends in 2019

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Out with the old and in with the new. 2019 is approaching which means the old trends of yesteryear will fade to make way for trends of the new year. We’ve got you covered on what we expect to be the freshest home decor trends next year.


Painted Tiles- a Decor Trend to Stay on Top Of

Over the next 12 months, homeowners will ditch ordinary tiles in place of funky, painted ones that add fun to any flooring. Different patterns give homes the extra flair they need, and the best part is you don’t have to pull up any existing tiles to achieve the look. Simply paint them with intricate designs and utilize bold colors to make floors pop in the coming year as a decor trend.

Vertical Gardens

When it came to plants, 2018 was all about succulents. If you stocked up, don’t fret! No need to throw them out with 2019’s predicted trend of vertical gardens. You can easily incorporate plants in this floor-to-ceiling style for a stunning wall of greenery.


Printed Wallpaper

Printed wallpaper will be back in 2019 like it never left. Bold and daring wallpaper with geometric patterns, floral prints, tropical leaves and bright colors will reclaim walls to make a statement and give any room a fresh, completely new look leaving minimal decor to fill in the design gaps.

Statement Light Fixtures

Lighting is a key element in the design of your home so naturally it’s one of the trends that changes year to year. The lighting trend is on the rise and 2019 will see statement light fixtures that catch the eye and draw it upward. Chic chandeliers, small hanging lights, vintage bulbs or anything that will make your ceiling pop will be one of 2019’s most sought-after trends.


Innovative Metal Accents

Rose gold took homes by storm in 2018 when it came to metal accents. For 2019, we will see less rose gold and more of other metals like copper, tin and blackened metals. An ensemble of mixed metals in one room will be the trend to follow.

Contemporary Fireplaces

Fireplaces have always b

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y feature of the homes they occupy. Sleek, contemporary fireplaces will be on the rise in 2019 as opposed to the more traditional stone models we’re used to. The fireplace is the focal point of any room its in and in 2019 we will see more modern fireplaces, indoor and outdoor, as a popular home feature.

Colors of the Year

The 2019 Pantone Color of the Year is “Living Coral” and is sure to make its way to the walls of homes in 2019. The bright, warm hue has a golden undertone that will energize homes in the coming year. On the cool side of the color spectrum, PPG Paints named “Night Watch,” a rich teal, as their 2019 Color of the Year. Despite the contrast, the dark green and playful coral will both be trending interior design paint colors in 2019.


Mid-century modern design was

a hit in 2018 and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Terrazzo surfaces such as counters, floors and backsplashes are the forecast for 2019. The composite material can come in multiple colors to complement the palette in any home so not only is it stylish but versatile.

Velvet Furniture

In years past, velvet furniture was considered dated and old-fashioned. However, with the cyclical shifts of design, it has made its comeback in a lavish, modern way. We anticipate velvet furniture and decor to fill living rooms, bedrooms and even dining rooms in 2019. The fabric will add a chic vibe that 2019 calls for.

Custom, Sustainable Materials

Custom handmade items created with sustainable materials will make a huge wave in 2019. Pieces made by local artists and purchased from small businesses will give a personalized feel to the home. Additionally, with the environmentally-friendly green movement, repurposed materials and decor will be even more attractive in the new year.

There are so many exciting home decor trends to expect for 2019. Only time will t

Kitchen decor is important

ell which trends will come about the most, but one thing is for certain: 2019 will showcase innovative design trends that you won’t want to miss!

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