Best Home Improvements to Sell in the Spring

Best Home Improvements to Sell in the Spring

Best Home Improvements to Sell in the Spring

By Mark Spain Real Estate

The emergence of the Spring season indicates the concentration of the residential housing market. Make your home stand out with simple home improvements that are sure to catch the eyes of the buyers! At Mark Spain Real Estate, we have formulated some of the leading home improvements to maximize the value of your home. 

Home Improvements

It is vital to keep your home up to date, whether you are selling now or in the future. The Spring is the perfect time to begin home improvements. The weather is nice, families are out of school and can enjoy the homes they live in, and the days are longer. Home improvements, big or small, add value to your home which can, in turn, increase the profit that you potentially receive when selling. In 2021, the market is hot and it is important to set your home apart from the rest. 

Updating the Lighting in Your HomeCompleting home improvements such as adding lighting, hard wood floors, and simplistic designs increase the value of your home.

Lighting can be the focal point of any room when done right. It is important to keep it simplistic, in tune with the color scheme of your home’s fixtures, and it should serve a purpose for the room. It is pivotal to obtain high-quality lighting in a home, especially when there is minimal natural light.

Introducing natural metals such as gold or copper into your home’s fixtures can be a creative way to add color while still being subtle and elegant. No one wants to be in a home that is dark and dreary. Lighting actually has the potential to make a room seem larger. Adding pendants, lamps, and overhead lighting adds value to a home.

Repairing Windows and Doors

Whether you are updating to a more modern look or repairing small issues, it is important to not neglect the doors and windows of a home. You can simply retouch the paint on the windows and doors and pressure washes them to clean them up. Or, you can add touches like more contemporary door handles and frames. Buyers are constantly opening and closing doors and windows to check the ease of entry. 


Nobody wants old stained carpet when buying a home anymore. Wooden floors are sought after by today’s market and add a timeless aspect to your home. Not only is wood easier to clean, but it provides a cleaner and more simplistic feel into a home. There are many types of wood to choose from and all ranges of pricing. Wooden floors will ensure a greater increase in the value of your home. 

Painting the Walls

Best home improvements to make to sell in the spring

Changing the colors of your walls is a sure way to increase the value of your home and is a simple home improvement that you can easily do yourself! Going with a grey or neutral color for your walls is a great option, whereas certain vibrant or unusual colors are seen as a turn-off to many buyers. Fresh paint can make your home feel brand new! While focusing on interior walls, make sure to seal any holes or slight damages that could potentially be seen in photos. Doing these little improvements go a long way when preparing your home to sell. 

Kitchen and Bathroom Elements

Kitchens and bathrooms are aspects of a home that are of extreme importance to buyers. If they are outdated it could potentially be a turn-off to the buyer. Simple renovations such as painting the walls and cabinets, changing the handles and fixtures, and adding trendy overhead lighting add value to the room. Many millennials are in search of kitchens with farm-house sinks and functional yet elegant faucets. If you are willing to put in a larger sum of money, think about updating the appliances!

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