Home Inspection Checklist for Sellers

Home Inspection Checklist for Sellers

Home Inspection Checklist for Sellers

By Mark Spain Real Estate

As a seller, you don’t want to underestimate the weight of a home inspection. Though they might’ve extended an offer, your buyer has every right to walk away if your home inspection goes poorly. That said, you’ll want to do all the prep you can to ensure your property meets buyers’ expectations. 

Working with the experts at Mark Spain Real Estate ensures that you, the seller, are completely ready for your home inspection. With decades of industry experience, our team offers exclusive insight and guidance to help you make informed decisions as you sell your home. Read below for our ultimate home inspection checklist for sellers. 

Home Inspection Checklist for Sellers

Clean and Declutter

Similar to home showings, home inspections require thorough cleaning and decluttering. While your home inspector won’t judge your home on cleanliness and aesthetics, they will appreciate it if it is neat and easily accessible. Clean and declutter your home before your home inspection.If you focus on any areas, we recommend cleaning main inspection points such as your attic, closets, and kitchen and bathroom appliances. Doing so will make the inspector’s job much easier and show them you’re a conscious, responsible homeowner. 

Check Lights and Switches

Faulty light bulbs or switches will be on your home inspector’s radar. As they examine your electrical system, your inspector will determine if the workmanship abides by industry and state standards. If not, they will flag your electrical system on the inspection report and recommend getting a licensed electrician’s second opinion. Though you might not be able to detect or fix structural electrical problems, you can do a quick runthrough of your light fixtures. Try every switch in your home and check that all electrical outlets and switches have intact covers. If you find a faulty bulb or a broken cover, these are easy fixes you can take care of before the inspection. 

Test Appliances

Appliances are another thing high on an inspector’s checklist. Whether it’s your refrigerator or your fireplace, triple-check that everything operates correctly. If any of your appliances are outdated, consider replacing them before the inspection. This will ensure the appliance has a long lifetime ahead of it and will deliver a strong performance for your home’s new tenants. 

Touch Up the Exterior 

Your home’s exterior will be a huge focal point of the home inspection. After all, if your exterior leaves much to be desired, your inspector might set low expectations for the inside of your home. Touch up your home's exterior before your home inspection. When surveying your exterior, some things to look out for are peeling paint, loose siding, dirty or broken gutters, debris around your HVAC unit, and damage to your roof. You’ll also want to be wary of standing pools of water or a weak foundation. Any of these issues will signal alarms in an inspector’s head and cost you points on your inspection report. 

Look for Mold and Water Stains

If your home has experienced pipe or roof leaks in the past, you should look out for water stains on ceilings or drywall. These stains will surely get an inspector’s attention if not taken care of. When inspectors detect water stains, they’ll use a moisture meter to determine if it’s recent. Depending on the time of the leak, this could make the inspector and potential buyer weary of moisture issues. That said, you’ll also want to look out for mold if your home has a history of water leaks. Basements, attics, bathrooms, and garages are the best landscapes for mold growth. Check these high-risk areas and add a dehumidifier to help reduce moisture if necessary. 

Inspect Doors and Windows 

When surveying your home, inspectors will open every door and window. That said, if yours are sticky and difficult to open, it won’t present well for your home. Luckily, stubborn openings are an easy fix. There are several inexpensive silicone products to lubricate openings, especially sticky ones, like sliding doors or wood-frame windows. Doing this shortly before your inspector comes will ensure everything runs smoothly, literally and figuratively. 

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