How To Maximize Space In a Home Renovation Project

How To Maximize Space In a Home Renovation Project

How To Maximize Space In a Home Renovation Project

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Mark Spain Real Estate is grateful to provide our clients with top real estate tips, including how to maximize space during your home renovation project! We all dream of finding any area of our home to add hidden storage or seating, but it is especially sought after while trying to make changes and upgrades to your spaces. Whichever room may be undergoing renovation or the amount of time it will take, Mark Spain Real Estate has put together some of the top tips for maximizing that useable!

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How to Maximize Space in Home Renovation Projects

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    Declutter and reorganize 

Before you start your home renovation project, decluttering and reorganizing your space can make a big difference. By getting rid of any unnecessary items and rearranging your furniture, you can open up more space and make any area feel larger. This is going to help you immensely during your renovation process in keeping important things visible or any extra items tucked away in a safe place. This can avoid anything getting misplaced or broken in the top heat of your project. 

  1. Above Cabinet Storage

Having extra storage, especially in rooms like the kitchen and bathroom where counters cut into livable space, is sometimes hard to create. That’s when you’ll need to think taller rather than wider or longer for making more space. Installing cabinets up high or even raising the ceiling can take your kitchen organization to the next level! You can use this method in other areas of your home like the bathroom cabinets, or extra shelving in the living room or bedroom!

  1. Tucked Away Seating

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Adding another element to an already-cramped space may seem counterintuitive, but by removing a table and chair set and installing a kitchen island, you get more counter space and can store seating underneath it. The leftover undercarriage space can also be used to tuck away cleaning supplies or any other items you like to keep close by and need easy access to grab. This small change can completely transform the look and feeling of your kitchen. 

  1. Built-In Shelves & Storage Benches

Do you have a wall or an awkward corner that’s not being used? These are the perfect spots for some space-saving storage! Built-in shelves can easily be added to a hallway or a bedroom wall to showcase books, photos, and home decor without taking up extra floor space. As for those corners, they can also be maximized with built-in benches. They give you closed storage underneath and a seat that you can style to create a cozy nook.  

Mark Spain Real Estate is grateful to provide you with ways that you can maximize your space in a home renovation project! These small changes can make the world of difference to you and your home! If you are looking to sell your home or buy a new one, please contact us today! We would be honored to serve you in reaching your real estate goals. 

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