Hosting Thanksgiving While Showing Your Home

Hosting Thanksgiving While Showing Your Home

Hosting Thanksgiving While Showing Your Home

By Mark Spain Real Estate

As Thanksgiving approaches and we begin to gather our family and friends around the table, excitement and stress arise.  Hosting Thanksgiving while showing your home can cause even more stress. Mark Spain Real Estate has put together some reminders on how to keep your home show ready so you can host and enjoy a stress-free day with your family and friends!

Additionally, to learn more about staying prepared for your home showings, please refer to this blog. Mark Spain Real Estate hopes you can use our list below so you can host a successful Thanksgiving while showing your home!

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Taking The Stress From Hosting Thanksgiving While Showing Your Home

Delegating Responsibilities On ThanksgivingFamily time is important when hosting Thanksgiving while showing your home

Having your friends and family over for a dinner or party for Thanksgiving is something you should not miss due to home showings. Delegating responsibilities to your guests is an easy way to keep your house tidy, so you can still be a great host and stay show ready. You might need some help with the cooking, you can have people bring side dishes, wine, and desserts. With the extra hands on deck during the big day, you can trust Mark Spain Real Estate will keep you prepped for upcoming open houses!

Use Throwaway Supplies For Easy Clean Up On Thanksgiving

Clean-up after hosting a Thanksgiving dinner can be the toughest part of keeping your kitchen clean. There are a few small changes to help this process be streamlined like swapping out your glassware for disposable plates, cups, and silverware. This doesn’t mean things won’t look up to your standard, there are high-quality products available that are decorative and sturdy to handle the big amounts that you enjoy on Thanksgiving. You can even cook your turkey in a disposable pan! 

We have provided a useful resource where you can find upscale paper plates for your Thanksgiving dinner!

Giveaway Thanksgiving Leftovers To Reduce Clean-up

Leftovers are a Thanksgiving staple! Hosting Thanksgiving while showing your home, and sending your guests home with any leftover food is crucial. This can help avoid piling up containers in your fridge and making a mess. Mark Spain Real Estate places our client’s needs above our own, and we will put our best foot forward to ensure your house is prepped for any home show that comes your way. 

Use these tips and tricks if you are hosting Thanksgiving while showing your home, then, when potential buyers visit your home after the weekend, they’ll never know you hosted!

Decorating Your Home For Thanksgiving While Showing Your HomeCouple making lunch for Thanksgiving

When you are decorating your home for Thanksgiving while preparing for showings and open houses, it can be hard to find the right balance of personalized touches while still highlighting your home’s best features. When hosting Thanksgiving while showing your home, Mark Spain Real Estate recommends using neutral decorations and scents. You can tap into the warm and cozy smells to have your home smell like fresh-baked goods while you have guests over and have people viewing your home! Here are some fall candles we recommended. 

Additionally, we recommend using light decorations like throw towels, textured glass pumpkins, and fall flowers on the kitchen table and on the fireplace when hosting Thanksgiving while showing your home. If you are worried about the cleanup, it would be a great idea to ask family members to take their shoes off at the door so they do not track in dirt. Having a robot vacuum on hand will take the stress off of constantly cleaning your floors. Have it run on a schedule so hosting Thanksgiving while showing your home is less stressful! Here are 10 robot vacuums that we recommend. 

Hosting Thanksgiving while showing your home can have its challenges, but Mark Spain Real Estate is here to serve you on how to gather with friends and family during this holiday. You can keep these reminders handy for any holiday event that is occurring while you are showing your home, as it is important to keep your home ready for showings and meet your real estate goals in your preferred timeline.

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