Home Improvement Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

Home Improvement Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

Home Improvement Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Sell your home fast with these home improvement tips! Home staging is fundamental to getting your home to the closing table quickly and at your ideal price point. Additional investments on the front end may seem daunting at first, but if you want the maximum return on your home, invest your time and money in the following areas of home improvement:

Sell your home fast with these home improvement tips!

Stop the Hoarding: De-clutter & Clean

Less is more when it comes to staging your home to sell. Not only will this help you prepare for your next moving phase, but it will also be a huge contributing factor in getting your home sold. A clean and polished home will appeal to more people and help them imagine themselves in your home. This may be the most dreaded part of preparing your home to sell, but if you’re determined to make it happen, your clean home will go a long way in the eye of buyers. De-cluttering is an absolute must for home improvement!

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Step Up the Curb Appeal

First impressions are important. Creating an inviting curb appeal could potentially make or break the decision of interested buyers. There are many budget-friendly ways to boost the attractiveness of your home from the street view. Some ideas include pressure washing the driveway, adding color with blooming flowers and keeping a fresh-cut lawn.

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Lighting is a great way to beautify and showcase your home, regardless of the time of day. Proper lighting can immediately transform the look of your home and help you sell fast.

Upgrade your entire home in an instant by swapping old light fixtures with more contemporary ones. Also, don’t forget to take advantage of natural light. Keep those windows open during showings to create a lovely ambiance.

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Fresh Paint: Whether you want to experiment with new color or stick to a classic neutral, a fresh coat of paint, both interior and exterior, will be sure to make a lasting impression on prospective buyers and help you sell fast.

Repairs: Leaky faucets and broken cabinets are huge turn offs to potential buyers. Minor flaws like this reflect badly on not only the home, but also you as the previous homeowner as well.

Flooring: If your home has carpet, consider replacing it before opening your home showings. If completely replacing it isn’t in your budget, a good cleaning and steaming will do the trick. Similarly, if your home has hardwood flooring, refinishing or polishing your floors is a fantastic upgrade to make buyers fall in love with your home.

Staging your home is all about creating value and appealing to your buyers. What is going to attract them and what will turn them away? Consider these home improvements before placing your home on the market to save you time and money on the backend.

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