How the Housing Market and Our Agents Are Rising

How the Housing Market and Our Agents Are Rising

How the Housing Market and Our Agents Are Rising

By Mark Spain Real Estate

The housing market is one of the first indicators that consumers are confident in the economy. Although Coronavirus has hurt the economy, the housing market is rising and Mark Spain Real Estate agents are here to help you find your next home, just in time for your kids to go back to school this fall.

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How the Real Estate Market is Rising

As shared in our First Quarter and Coronavirus update, our company had an all-time record month in March for new listings, even with U.S shelter in place guidelines. In April, Mark Spain Real Estate’s number of new listings was up 10 percent over pre-COVID-19 rates!

The usual spring housing market is showing all the signs of being pushed into summer this year. Due to coronavirus, everyone’s spring plans were put on pause. Trends are showing that home buyers are ready to move forward with their summer plans to purchase a new home before the kids go back to school this fall. 

As states are slowly reopening, people are starting to get out and hunt for their new summer move in. John Makarewicz, president of Mark Spain Real Estate, shared with the team, “The summer market is here and buyers and sellers are ready to get back out there.”

Applications for mortgages to purchase homes gained for the sixth consecutive week to a level that was 6.7% higher than a year ago, back when a deadly pandemic wasn’t interrupting the spring home-buying season.”, wrote Kathleen Howley, in Housing Wire’s latest article about the housing market being back on the rise.

Our agents are giving some tips on being successful while working from home

We asked some of our top agents how they came out on top despite the pandemic affecting the Housing Market.

One of the first questions I get asked is, ‘What is happening in the real estate market? Are people still buying with the economy shut down?” I answer those questions with real time stats about my listing, pending, and closing volume. I remain super positive, showing the client we are here to help and guide them in these challenging times. I’m proud to assure them that Mark Spain Real Estate has ramped up our marketing, instead of going into hibernation. They seem to immediately forget for a moment, about COVID19, once they feel the enthusiasm and hear the success we are having.” -Mark Evans, March top listing agent
This is a great time to sell!  Interest rates are low, inventory is even lower, and all we have in our market right now are SERIOUS buyers and sellers!   Letting sellers know this is very important!  Keeping clients informed of the current market is key.” -Rhonda Kosor, March and April top listing agent and our April In Good Company member.
It all starts with your mindset. I’ve always tried to see the positives in any situation and stay solution minded.  We’re fortunate to have a supportive team that pushes you to be your best self. Our team has been able to lean into uncertain times with confidence that there are always people needing to buy or sell a home and we are the best option.” –Sean Davidson, March top listing agent

What are some tips you have for success while working from home?The housing market is thriving during the pandemic

Some tips while working from home is “Be Organized!” My dining room from 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM is my Mark Spain office. Stay in that mind set . When I leave the dining room I don’t bring the work into the rest of the house. I can give my family my full attention. When we first started working from home, I didn’t do this and I felt I wasn’t as focused as I should be with work or family life. -Dawson Kingsley, April top listing agent
Stick to your routine as much as you can.  I may be home, but I am at work.  So I tried to minimize doing things around the house that would distract me.  This is. much more difficult when the rest of the family is home with you.  So, you need their support to pitch in around the house so you can stay focused.” –Shelly Jones, April top listing agent and our our May In Good Company member.
“Maintaining success while working from home comes from treating your work area like you are at the office. Dress everyday like you are going to an office and wear your name-tag. Sometimes the conversation turns to a virtual meeting where you are on camera and face to face with your client. You must be prepared for those pivots and be ready for anything as their professional in Real Estate.” –Edwin Hoover, April top listing agent

Mark Spain Real Estate is here to help you make smart and informed real estate decisions. With Mark Spain Real Estate, you’ll get maximum exposure to your home in addition to an unparalleled client experience. Our team knows the real estate housing market well, and your experience and safety is our top priority. Contact us today to get a head start. 

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