How to Boost Your Curb Appeal on a Budget

How to Boost Your Curb Appeal on a Budget

How to Boost Your Curb Appeal on a Budget

By Mark Spain Real Estate

When selling a home, making a great first impression is key before any potential buyers even walk through the front door. Knowing how critical the first look is, curb appeal is one of the most important factors to consider when selling a home. Luckily, minor improvements here and there result in significant boosts in curb appeal. We’re not here to tell you to invest in a grand entrance or a total exterior home renovation, but a few simple updates and add-ons can take your home to the next level. Follow these quick tips to boost your curb appeal on a budget!

Keep It Mowed

Boost your curb appeal on a budget!

Whether you mow your lawn yourself or hire a landscaping service, make sure to keep the lawn mowed at regular intervals while your home is on the market. A freshly cut lawn is an easy way to tie all of the curb appeal details together. For those who really want to go above and beyond, try cutting your grass at an angle for an added touch of sophistication. Make sure to keep the edges of your lawn trimmed and not to mow too short. Keep these tips in mind and your lawn will be ready for each and every showing!

Watch the Weeds

Weeding is a quick and easy way to keep your curb appeal neat. Make sure to pull any and all weeds that might be an eyesore. Prepare your lawn with weed control mixes that can be easily sprayed onto problem areas. A weed-free lawn will allow potential buyers to focus on your great front porch or gorgeous exterior stone and brick details rather than imperfections in your grass. Another tip that will help cut down on weeds is to spread mulch or arrange rocks under plants in flower beds. This will also raise the overall appeal of your lawn!

Touch Up Paint

If you have a fence surrounding your lawn or a gate near the front sidewalk, make sure to double-check those areas in case they need some attention. Look for any chipped or worn spots and use touch-up paint to quickly fix these small imperfections that can hurt curb appeal. Make sure that all locks and hinges work on swinging gates as well so there is no problem touring throughout your home. For a bigger curb appeal transformation, consider repainting or finishing your front door. This will really make your curb appeal pop and create a lasting first impression.

Add More Color

For a quick and easy boost of color, consider purchasing some new plants or flowers for around your mailbox or near your front door. This will not only make your home brighter and more inviting, but will also show buyers that you maintain both the inside and outside areas of your home. If you have a flower bed that lines a walkway consider adding yellow or red flowers that will boost the contrast in your yard as well as the curb appeal. For additional ideas on affordable ways to spruce up your color and curb appeal, click here.

Create an Open Canvas

When selling your home, remember it is important to help potential buyers imagine themselves living there. Help potential buyers see themselves in your yard by having stylish accents that don’t necessarily point only to you. Take things like family initials or alumni flags down to make your yard an open canvas for your buyer. Prepare the exterior of your home just like you would the interior to your home buyer’s open mind.

Curb appeal is the first impression that a potential buyer will notice right when driving up to your home. Make sure that your lawn is kept up and that areas of concern are touched up and fixed. Add color and fresh flowers to invite in potential buyers. Consider these tips to keep your exterior in top condition and you’ll be well on your way to boosting your curb appeal on a budget.

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