How to Choose the Best Neighborhood for Your Family

How to Choose the Best Neighborhood for Your Family

How to Choose the Best Neighborhood for Your Family

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Choosing the best neighborhood for your family is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. It is important to keep in mind that when you invest in a home, you are also investing in the neighborhood it’s located in! Be prepared to take on the home buying process in confidence with Mark Spain Real Estate’s top tips for choosing the best neighborhood for your family!

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Finding the Best Neighborhood-

Commute Time

When searching fo the right home, commute times to work may be important to you, especially if you are moving for your career. Make sure to find out how long the commute time is to and from work. Will the commute to work be going against or with the traffic? Is the commute route safe and easy to navigate? If possible, it’s a smart idea to test out the commute to work.

School District

One of the best signs of a great neighborhood is a well-kept school. Make sure to do some research to find the best schools in your neighborhood of choice. Also keep in mind the distance of the school to your home. If your children require transportation to school, are there acceptable bus routes in your neighborhood, or is the school a short enough commute away? School districts are very important to many families, as a great school district often represents a great community.

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There are many different amenities that make each neighborhood unique. Make sure to ask yourself questions on what kind of amenities your family is looking for. Close proximity might be a huge factor for you, so make sure to research how close the neighborhood is to grocery stores, restaurants, churches, libraries, gyms, nightlife, etc. If you want a pool or country club, these are also amenities to take into consideration when making a decision. In many cases, the amenities around your home can add importance, creating a life around your home. Deciding whether you want to be close to town or secluded in the country is an important factor when choosing the right neighborhood.

Online Crime Rates

If safety is a huge priority for your family, make sure to research the crime rates of the neighborhood your home is located in. Use an online search engine to look up crime statistics for that location. You can also search the “safest neighborhoods” for any city. Statistics and data will be available for large enough cities and locations, while general crime information will be available for smaller towns.

Take A Look Around the Neighborhood

Finally, take a look around for yourself! Take notes on the conditions of the neighborhood. Do the neighbors keep up with their yards? Is the landscaping well kept? Is it quiet, or noisy and bustling? How much new construction is there? Questions like these are important to take into consideration when finding the perfect neighborhood for you.

Knowing these factors will ensure your family makes the best choice! Are you ready to buy or sell a home in the perfect neighborhood? Contact Mark Spain Real Estate today!

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