How to Decorate for the Festive Season of Halloween While Selling Your Home

How to Decorate for the Festive Season of Halloween While Selling Your Home

How to Decorate for the Festive Season of Halloween While Selling Your Home

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Halloween is right around the corner! This spooky season means it’s that time of year when everyone brings out Halloween decorations. If you’re selling your home this season, going overboard on decorations might scare away potential homebuyers. Take a look at our top tips on how to appropriately decorate for Halloween while selling your home!

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Simple Halloween Interior DecorationsDon’t Go Overboard

Homebuyers don’t want to feel like they are touring a haunted house, so keep your decorations simple and festive. Stick with more seasonal-based decorations such as pumpkins, cornstalks, and dark autumn colors. Going overboard on decorations can also make some of your home’s features seem overshadowed. Avoid the inflatable yard decor, scary ghouls, and witches. Simple and classy decorations won’t scare away the homebuyers!

Simple Halloween Interior Decorations

Keep most of the Halloween decorations outside, with a few simple decor pieces inside your home. It is important to not go crazy with the scary decorations inside as it is outside. Try adding candles around the home with the season’s inspired scents. Decorative seasonal pillows and throw blankets are also a great touch to the once bare living room couch. You can also add candy corn to a vase on the coffee table or counter to add a hint of Halloween cheer for example. The key is to keep things simple inside so the decorations don’t detract from your home.

Simple Halloween DecorationsTake Listing Photos Before Decorating

It is best to get your listing photos done before decorating for the holiday season! If your home happens to be on the market for a longer period of time, you don’t want to have Halloween decor in your photos come January. Timeless photos of your home are the best way to showcase your home online. If your photo appointment is after Halloween, make sure to take down all decorations beforehand.

Keep it Safe

Your decorations should be secured properly to avoid any problems when homebuyers tour your home. Make sure pumpkins on the front porch stairs are secured and positioned properly to avoid tripping. Keep fake spider webs in places that people won’t get caught in them. Halloween decorations are for show and should not interfere or distract with home tours, showings, or listing photos!

Use these tips to decorate your home in style for Halloween. Selling your home during the holiday seasons can be stressful. With Mark Spain Real Estate, rest assured you can sell with ease and confidence through any season! Contact us today to kickstart your real estate journey!

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