How to Emotionally Detach when Selling Your Home

How to Emotionally Detach when Selling Your Home

How to Emotionally Detach when Selling Your Home

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Selling a home isn’t easy, physically and emotionally. While putting your home on the market can require a lot of physical effort, the emotional side of it can sometimes be a bigger burden. Finding coping mechanisms to emotionally detach from your home will ease this emotional pain and help you move on to your next chapter. 

At Mark Spain Real Estate, we know how hard it can be to emotionally detach from your home. However, it’s important to avoid focusing on the past and look forward to what’s next! With decades of industry experience, our experts are no strangers to the emotional turmoil of selling a home. We offer our clients valuable advice and coping mechanisms to help them emotionally detach from their listing and move on to the next chapter. Below, we share some of our best tips for emotional detachment when selling a home. 

How to Emotionally Detach when Selling Your Home:

Depersonalize Your Home

Depersonalizing your home is a great way to emotionally detach from the selling process. Not to mention, it’s also good practice for effective home staging! Making your home as neutral as possible by eliminating personal anecdotes like photos, knick-knacks, and other memorabilia will make your space feel like it’s no longer yours. Not only will this make you feel less emotionally detached from your home and its associated memories, but it will also help prospective buyers better envision themselves in your space. 

Think of Your Home as a Property

How to Emotionally Detach when Selling Your Home

Thinking of your house as “a property” rather than a home will trigger a mindset switch throughout your household. Though just a subtle language switch, referring to your house as a property will foster emotional detachment between you and your home’s sentimental value. Consider thinking of your home as any other product you might sell. Whether it be an old pair of shoes you’re listing online or a piece of furniture sold in a yard sale, your home is just another product eligible for financial transaction. While this might seem a little cold, you’d be surprised how much a mindset switch will help you move on! 

Share Your Feelings 

Unless you’ve lived alone, you may have other household members with similar emotional attachments to your home. In this case, it helps to share your feelings with others who can relate to the emotional pain of the selling process. Whether reminiscing over happy memories you made in space or venting about the stresses of moving, talking about your feelings will lift a huge emotional weight off your shoulders. 

Hire A Professional

Hiring a real estate agent to sell your home will eliminate much stress from the selling process, especially on the emotional front. When you pass on selling responsibilities to an agent, you will free up a lot of headspace to focus on other things. Working with a real estate agent will also help you adjust to the “property” mindset we mentioned earlier, as your agent will find the best ways to price, market, and tour your home just as you would advertise any other product. When looking for an agent, choose a strong communicator to speak to about your emotional stresses and concerns. They will likely offer valuable coping mechanisms to help you emotionally detach from the process. 

Focus On What’s Ahead

How to Emotionally Detach when Selling Your Home

Focusing on what’s ahead rather than what’s behind you will help you emotionally detach from your old home. Rather than harping on the memories made in your old home, think about all the memories you have yet to make in your new space! Change is inevitable at the end of the day, and often, it’s for the best. As you embark on your next chapter in a new space, be grateful for everything your home provided and get excited about all that’s to come. Embracing this change will help you let go and be open to new adventures! 

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