How to Have the Best Online Listing Presence

How to Have the Best Online Listing Presence

How to Have the Best Online Listing Presence

By Mark Spain Real Estate

During this unprecedented time, keeping the best online listing presence is vital when trying to sell your home. Now more than ever, many home buyers are using online resources and tools to search for their perfect dream home. Mark Spain Real Estate has curated a list of the best ways to hold an outstanding online listing presence to help your home sell faster!

Mark Spain Real Estate explains the importance of an excellent online listing

Virtual Tours and Pictures

Consumers expect real estate listings to provide the same level of detail as any other product or service they may research online. Pictures attract home buyers when searching for homes online and allows them to experience the home similarly to visiting an open house. Additionally, if the pictures don’t feature the home in its best light, potential home buyers may overlook the property unfairly.

When considering how to get your home photographed, a professional photographer has the skill and equipment to make sure your home looks its best! However, if you choose to take them yourself, make sure the photos are clear, high quality, and showcase the best features of the house.

Virtual tours are also a great way to feature a home online and allow buyers to experience the home as if they were looking at it in person. With many great technology systems available, virtual tours make an online listing pop!

As always, make sure your home is clean and tidy before any photos are taken. A clean and de-cluttered home will sell faster and for more money!

Mark Spain Real Estate hires professional photographers to photograph each of our listings.  Now more than ever, it is important to obtain outstanding pictures to showcase your home online. A picture is worth a thousand words!

Attention- Grabbing Remarks

Another vital component of a successful online listing is attention-grabbing remarks. It is imperative to help the potential buyer envision themselves in the home. By providing details such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, special lighting or appliance features, and upgrades and renovation details, for example, help the potential buyer see your house and their future home.

Share Your Online Listing On Social Media

Did you know most people check their email and social media account before getting out of bed in the morning? Let your friends, family, and co-workers know you are selling your home by sharing the online listing on your social media. You never know who might be looking to buy a home that you know or someone else knows! Social Media has transformed into a major marketing place in today’s world. It is important to share your listing on all platforms to maximize the exposure. 

Hire a Professional Licensed Agent

Overall, a seasoned and licensed real estate agent will help reach your goals by listing your home and promoting it on your behalf. Mark Spain Real Estate’s agents are fully prepared and ready to help sell your home by and creating the best online presence for your listing. At Mark Spain Real Estate, we know that online exposure of your home is vital during this unprecedented time.

Looking to sell your home? Contact us today and let us help you build the best online listing presence! Mark Spain Real Estate strives to keep our clients as our top priority and deliver an unparalleled client experience. We are grateful to serve our clients in reaching their real estate goals! 

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