How to Have the Best Summer Curb Appeal

How to Have the Best Summer Curb Appeal

How to Have the Best Summer Curb Appeal

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Summer is in full swing and is the perfect time to sell your home! Mark Spain Real Estate can help you sell your home fast and for more money with these summer curb appeal tips. 

Summer Curb Appeal Tips

Make Your Front Lawn Stand Out

Mark Spain Real Estate compiles all of the tips to make your home have the best summer curb appeal

The front yard of a home is the first thing buyers look at during in-person or online home showings. Make a great first impression with an exceptional front yard.  Great landscaping curb appeal includes keeping your grass green, mowed, and edged along the pavement to give your lawn a fresh, clean cut look. A poorly kept, unfertilized, or unwatered lawn can deter buyers, especially during the summer season when most time is spent outdoors.

Landscaping and Gardening

Brighten up the exterior of your home by planting shrubs and colorful flowers. Make sure to tend to your garden to keep the foliage looking beautiful during these hot summer days. Plant flowers that are in season this summer to ensure they last longer. Be sure to pull any weeds, twigs, or trash from the yard that can be an eye sore to home buyers as well. Try adding stonework to your garden or to outline walkways. A clean cut, beautifully landscaped yard will surely attract home buyers and give your home the best summer curb appeal.

Upgrade the Front Porch

The front porch is the first place home buyers are greeted when entering your home. Try adding a fresh coat of paint to the front door to make your home stand out even more. Potted plants, outdoor furniture, and a welcome mat also make the space inviting. In addition, try replacing old outdated front door hardware for a fancy upgraded door knocker.

Declutter and Clean

Remove any unnecessary objects from the yard and into the garage or storage, such as children’s toys, garbage cans, or other materials. Clean your windows to shine them up and get rid of any dirt or residue. Give your driveway a facelift by pressure washing or softwashing it. Over the years, driveways suffer from the elements which gives them an unattractive and dirty look.  By washing and cleaning up around the yard, your home will be shining and have the best summer curb appeal on the block!

Selling your home this summer can be a breeze with the guidance and tips from Mark Spain Real Estate. If you are interested in buying or selling a home this summer, give us a call at 855-299-SOLD or click here!

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