How to Keep Your Home Organized this Summer

How to Keep Your Home Organized this Summer

How to Keep Your Home Organized this Summer

By Mark Spain Real Estate

It’s finally summer. The kids are out of school, sunny pool days have become a part of your routine, vacation is around the corner and you’ve suddenly realized that your home is completely cluttered. With the lack of a regular school schedule during the summer, it’s easy for your home to suddenly feel chaotic and unorganized. Avoid the mess by checking out these tips to keep your home organized this summer.

Create Your Perfect Outdoor Space

With many warm and sunny days ahead, it’s the perfect time to make use of the outdoors and your outdoor space! Get your deck or patio cleaned and set up with outdoor furniture for extra space to spend time this summer. Give your grill a good deep clean for all of the barbequing you’ll be doing over the next few months.

For the kids, get your backyard set up! A fun backyard means your kids will be spending less time indoors adding to clutter and messes, and more time enjoying the weather outside. Consider investing in some fun attachments to your hose, or getting a sprinkler. It’s a simple and easy way for your kids to cool off outside and keep them happy and entertained for hours.

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Have a Summer Bag on Hand

With the heat comes a good chance that you’ll be spending quite a few days this summer around the water. When you’re around water it’s always a good idea to have a summer bag on hand with all of the essentials you’ll need. A pre-packed bag allows you more freedom for whenever you want to spontaneously spend a day at the lake or the pool, and you don’t have to worry about forgetting something important at the last minute. Keep this bag stocked with necessities such as sunscreen, goggles, a towel, a water bottle, a snack and sunglasses.

This bag is also great for kids. Whenever your kids want to go to the pool or lake with friends, rest-assured they will have all of the summer-essentials they need with them. No ransacking the house for towels, sunscreen and goggles – you’re ready to go!

Keep Your Garage Organized

Summer is the season when your garage items come in handy. From gardening tools to bicycles and pool gear, the garage is a place that always seems to attract clutter. Take a day to organize the items in your garage and focus on what you’ll use the most this summer. Donate the older items you don’t use anymore and throw away the broken items that seem to collect in garages over time. Put the winter gear in storage and get your beach supplies out to make them easily accessible. When that vacation trip finally comes around, you won’t have to be scrambling to find everything you need to pack.

Pro tip: Utilize baskets and bins for storage of bulkier things, and try using cubbies for smaller items. You can keep a basket by the door, so everyone can put their shoes in after after playing outside.

Get Your Summer Calendar Set

Summer is usually packed with camps and activities for the kids, beach trips in the works and of course, work. Take time to write down everything on a calendar, it will help you stay on top of your summer plans.

It’ll also be easier to plan activities for whenever your family has free time. Having all of your family’s activities written out and easily visible will help keep everyone more organized.

Maintain a Sleep Routine

The lack of a conventional routine over the summer can lead to a thrown off sleep schedule. Sleep is so important not only for your health, but for keeping you organized as well. If you get an adequate amount of sleep, you’ll be more energized to take on the day and accomplish tasks.

Sleep also helps you think better when making decisions and remember important chores that need to get done. Go to bed and wake up at set times to help regulate your daily routine. You’ll be more aware of the time you have each day, and more inclined to plan out your days better.

With these easy tips and tricks in mind this season, you’ll be able to avoid the clutter that comes with the summer and spend more time relaxing by the pool and enjoying the warm weather.

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