How to Keep Your Kids Entertained Indoors

How to Keep Your Kids Entertained Indoors

How to Keep Your Kids Entertained Indoors

By Mark Spain Real Estate

With cold weather and freezing temperatures comes more and more time spent indoors. Keep your kids off of their devices this season and encourage them to use their imagination! We have tons of ideas to help make time inside extra memorable this year. Here are our top ways to keep your kids entertained indoors this winter.

Bring Out the Board Games to Keep Kids Entertained

There’s nothing like gathering by the fireplace for a little friendly family competition! Make some memories and challenge your kids to a board game competition. Let them choose a couple of their favorites and bring along the game you want to play as well. Board games are a great way to bring the family together as well as encourage kids to think critically.

Monopoly is a classic game for kids and adults, plus it encourages kids to keep their problem solving and math skills fresh. Want your kids to brush up on their vocabulary and spelling at home? Play scrabble! A deck of cards is also an awesome option to have on hand – the number of games you can play are endless!

Here are our top ways to keep your kids entertained indoors this winter.

Cook in the Kitchen

Make the most of your kitchen and get cooking! Get your kids involved for a fun and creative way to prep some snacks for the week as well as teach your kids about nutrition. For a sweet treat, look for a fun new recipe and bake cookies or cupcakes with the kids. Set up a decorating station with frosting and sprinkles and let your kids use their imagination. If after you get to taste test you have extra, wrap up the treats, bundle up and give surprise baked goods to neighbors. This will surely keep the kids entertained!

Here are our top ways to keep your kids entertained indoors this winter.

Set up an Arts & Crafts Station

Get creative and set up an arts & crafts station in your home. Pick a corner where the kids can get a little messy and use their imagination. Depending on the age of your kids, stock the station with all sorts of different items: paper, pipe cleaners, glitter, paint, beads, popsicle sticks, glue sticks, markers and pom-poms.

Let your kids use their imagination and try their hand at making some fun holiday crafts such as paper snowflakes or holiday cards. Check out this awesome article for fantastic craft ideas that the kids will be sure to love! Pro Tip: Every so often, come up with a special project for your kids to work on for something they’ve never seen before in the craft station – this will be sure to surprise them and keep them entertained.

Bring the Games Indoors

There are plenty of games to play around the house that don’t require a deck of cards or a pair of dice. Games such as Red Light/Green Light, Hide-and-Seek and Charades are fun and easy games that can be played around the house and don’t require any materials. You can also get your kids’ imagination going by helping them build a pillow fort. Gather some blankets and pillows and help your kids create a fun space that will last them all day. This is a simple way to keep the kids entertained!

Save these ideas, and you’ll have no trouble keeping the kids entertained at home this season. With just a little creativity and a lot of imagination, the possibilities are endless!

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