How to Know It’s Time to Move

How to Know It’s Time to Move

How to Know It’s Time to Move

By Mark Spain Real Estate

How can you tell if your family is ready for a big move? The idea of digging up roots and all of your belongings can be daunting but sometimes making a fresh start in a new house or a new city is exactly what your life needs. Here are a few tell tale signs that it’s high time to move!

You Need More Elbow Room- Time to Move

Have you outgrown the bedrooms in your home? Is your living room covered in toys from the kids? Is your home office also functioning as a workout room? Are you running out of storage space? Whatever the situation, relocating into a larger home with a more spacious floor plan will ensure every member of your family has all the space they need.

Sometime needing more space for your family means It's Time to Move


Too Much Space

You’ve shipped off all the kids to college and the real world is upon them. As you walk down the hallway, you may feel like your home is too quiet or too big. If this is you, it may be time to downsize. No need to keep cleaning rooms you never use! By downsizing and moving into a home that better suits your family’s needs, you won’t have to spend as much time maintaining your home!

You’re Ready For An Upgrade

Many homeowners can be found in home improvement stores on the weekends to try and upgrade their home themselves. This process can be pricey and risky, and it may be more cost and time-effective to buy a new home than to renovate your current one yourself. No need to spend your Saturdays painting walls! Whatever the upgrades may be – a swimming pool, a larger backyard, a modern kitchen, or updated appliances – chances are there’s a home with all of them for sale now.

How to Know It's Time to Move


You’re Spending Too Much Time In The Car

No matter what city you live in, traffic can make up for a huge investment of time. Living far from your work or children’s school is enough to drive anyone up the wall and realize that it is time to move. No need to spend an hour every day sitting in 5 o’clock traffic! Moving into a new home closer to your community will give you more time with those at home, and may even give you the option to walk or bike to work!

Your Kids Need Better Schools

Thousands of families every year move in order to find a new home in a neighborhood in a stronger school zone. Whether you are looking for more close-knit classroom environments with lower student to teacher ratios or top rated schools in a new district, spring is the perfect time to start the home selling process early. To compare K-12 schools in your area, check out’s reports online!


Your Family Situation Changes

We live in a modern age where families are made up of all shapes and sizes. If an aging parent needs to move in with you, a new home may be a great option to accommodate a new living situation. If you want to move closer to the grandkids, it may be time to move to a condo closer to them.

You Want To Maintain Your Property Value

Are there one too many collectors of strange lawn statues in your neighborhood? If you sense your neighborhood’s atmosphere changing for the worse, you should sell before your property declines in value too much to be able to sell in the future. Selling to relocate to an up-and-coming neighborhood is sure to help you maintain your property value long-term.

How to Know It's Time to Move


Your Financial Situation Changes

Financial changes come unexpectedly in life, and can affect your housing situation greatly. Downsizing can take the pressure off your wallet, for those who have been laid off. For the lucky ones who come into money or get substantial raises, this could mean your family can finally afford that new, home you’ve been dreaming about. Make sure you’re living in a home that fits your new financial circumstances comfortably!

Suburban Life Is Calling Your Name

If you’ve lived in a metro area for many years, you’ve probably been thinking about moving to the suburbs. A lower cost of living, less traffic, safe neighborhoods and good schools are huge motivators for families to relocate. Residents in suburban areas usually get more bang for their buck, than those in the city.

The Perfect Home Caught Your Eye

Do you find yourself taking the long way home to drive by your favorite fixer-upper or park? Do you often fantasize about what you could do with the beautiful bungalow down the street? If you catch yourself gazing at the for-sale signs in front of properties, it may be time to move or at least schedule a walk through!

Whatever your reasons for moving, let Mark Spain Real Estate handle all the planning and preparation. With a team of the most experienced agents in the industry, we know what matters most when selling your home! Contact us today!

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