How to Maximize Virtual Curb Appeal

How to Maximize Virtual Curb Appeal

How to Maximize Virtual Curb Appeal

By Mark Spain Real Estate

If you’ve sold a home before, you know how important curb appeal is for a successful sale. However, you might not realize that curb appeal now encompasses your home’s digital presence as well, referring to what many call virtual curb appeal. This means that while your home needs to impress in the flesh, it must first catch buyers’ attention online. 

At Mark Spain Real Estate, we know how curb appeal is to selling a home, especially when it comes to your online listing. In a saturated market with ample online listings, your virtual curb appeal will be the thing that makes you stand out! Allow our experts to offer valuable insight into bringing your online listing to its full potential with our virtual curb appeal tips. 

How to Maximize Virtual Curb Appeal

Make Necessary Repairs and Upgrades

Many sellers think they can get away with skipping exterior repairs. However, you’d be surprised how quickly a buyer can catch even the tiniest of blemishes, particularly when looking at online listing photos. Say your home has a few missing roof shingles or damaged shutters. Though they might be small, they’ll still significantly impact your virtual curb appeal. Not to mention, even if a buyer doesn’t catch them on their screen, they’ll surely notice them in person. You'll need to make necessary repairs and upgrades to maximize virtual curb appeal.

We always recommend investing in exterior repairs and upgrades before listing your home. That way, your home’s curb appeal will look its best online and in the flesh. Be transparent about any exterior flaws if your time or budget does not allow for repairs and renovations. Doing so will establish a deeper trust between you and your buyer and ensure their offer reflects your home’s actual market value

Try Outdoor Home Staging

Believe it or not – home staging goes beyond a home’s interior. In fact, outdoor home staging can be one of the most valuable ways to enhance a home’s curb appeal, both in-person and online. Typically, homes with outside entertainment spaces like large patios or fire pits are ideal for outdoor home staging. However, you can still find other ways to stage if your home doesn’t check these boxes. Whether adding a water feature to your front yard or elevating your exterior lighting, there are many ways to spruce up your home’s curb virtual appeal with outdoor accents. 

Invest in Professional Photography 

Online listing photos are a massive driver in a home’s digital appeal. Given that your photographs comprise most of your online listing, it’s worth investing in a professional real estate photographer before putting your home on the market. When photographing the exterior, ensure all your photos include street view, aerial, and close-up shots. Buyers will want to see crisp shots of even the smallest architectural details. Another way to maximize virtual curb appeal is to prioritize real estate photography.

When you work with Mark Spain Real Estate, you won’t have to worry about hiring a professional photographer on your own. Our team works with the industry’s best photographers to ensure your home is depicted in the best light. We promise well-lit, high-quality photographs that will take your virtual curb appeal to the next level! 

Highlight Your Home’s Unique Outdoor Features

Does your home have a unique outdoor feature? Why not highlight it in your online listing? Just like highlighting stand-out features inside your home, you should also draw attention to your home’s exterior strong suits. Whether that be a spacious, wraparound porch or a luxury swimming pool, take advantage of your home’s most desirable outdoor features when optimizing your virtual curb appeal. Doing so could set your home apart from other online listings! 

Sell a Home with Mark Spain Real Estate

Need some help with your online listing? The industry professionals at Mark Spain Real Estate are here to maximize your virtual curb appeal! Delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction, our team of experienced listing consultants promises a seamless and stress-free selling experience! 

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