How to Optimize Your Online Listing

How to Optimize Your Online Listing

How to Optimize Your Online Listing

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Technology has changed the way people buy and sell homes. With the advent of online listing services, sellers can maximize their listing’s exposure and receive offers quicker than ever. 

At Mark Spain Real Estate, our expert listing consultants can provide you with the necessary tools and insight to launch your online listing. By working with our team of real estate professionals, you can perfect your online listing and catch buyers’ attention as they surf the web for their dream homes. As you build on your home’s online presence, read our comprehensive guide on optimizing your online listing. 

How to Optimize Your Online Listing

Fill Out the Listing Completely

Fill out your online listing completely to optimize its performance

Though this may seem obvious, failing to fill out a home listing to completion is a common mistake among sellers. A thorough and detailed online listing effectively maximizes your home’s selling potential, allowing buyers to make informed decisions, such as scheduling a tour or making an offer. From details on your home’s interiors and foundational construction to information on the local community and neighborhood, more is more when it comes to optimizing your online listing.

Before your home makes its online debut, triple-check with your agent that you have included all essential property information in your listing, and make sure to be super detailed when highlighting your home’s best features! 

Include High-Definition Photos and Walkthroughs

When it comes to posting your online home listing, photographs hold a lot of weight. Buyers want to see high-quality images of your home to get an idea of everything your home has to offer. From birds-eye-view pictures showcasing your property in full to detailed close up depicting eye-catching architectural details, you’ll want to showcase every selling point throughout your online listing. An example of a high-definition photo for an online listing

At Mark Spain Real Estate, we hire professional photographers to capture optimal shots of your property. With an eye for detail, experienced photographers are your best bet at putting your listing in a good light. In addition, a photographer may also provide an in-depth virtual walkthrough for your listing, giving your buyer’s the best sense of your home’s look and feel before they decide to schedule a showing. 

Use Topical Keywords

When creating your online listing with Mark Spain Real Estate, we’ll ensure that your listing is optimized for search engine optimization. By using valuable keywords like “luxurious,” “stainless,” or “upgraded,” our team can help add value to your online listing and improve its visibility. We might also include local keywords describing your property’s surrounding area. For example, if you’re listing a property in Alpharetta, consider including broader descriptions that emphasize the Atlanta metropolitan area.

Allow Mark Spain Real Estate to Optimize Your Online Listing

Need some help with listing your house online? The industry professionals at Mark Spain Real Estate are here to put your home in the best light. With decades of industry experience, our team of expert listing consultants will help set your online listing up for success! Check out our Guaranteed Offer Program for the potential to receive a competitive cash offer on your home in only 21 days. Contact our agents today!

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