How to Remodel Your Home With Kids

How to Remodel Your Home With Kids

How to Remodel Your Home With Kids

By Mark Spain Real Estate

As homeowners, everyone likes to challenge themselves to a home remodeling project. It is a way to elevate your home for yourself or if you are in the market to sell. With kids around this can be challenging, so Mark Spain Real Estate has come up with the ultimate guide on how to remodel your home with kids. We understand the importance of home projects and how much value can be added to benefit you or future buyers. We encourage you to read our guide for all the tips and tricks to home remodeling with kids!

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How To Remodel Your Home With Kids- The Ultimate Guide

Lock Down The Perfect Time Of Year To Renovate
Remodel your home with kids by anticipating what they need

When it comes to the time of year to remodel your home with kids, summer can be considered the perfect time. Yes, the kids are out of school, but this gives you more opportunities to pack the day full of outdoor activities to get everyone out of the house. There will be no distractions to interfere with school work and taking a vacation is an easy way to get away from any construction. If you are looking to remodel your home with kids, Mark Spain Real Estate recommends the summer months so your normal, school year routine is not disrupted.

Plan For What Kids Will Need During The Renovation Process

If you’re redoing spaces for your children or in areas that will affect multiple areas in your home, think about the future. To avoid more stress on your kids during this time it is beneficial to think about what they will reach for comfort. Make sure the things they are currently attached to like books, pj’s, and toys are very handy. You can always use plastic storage bins with labels and secure tops as a way to keep things close by but dust-free! When you are trying to remodel your home with kids, these are a few things you can do to keep the process running smoothly!

Make The Renovation Process Fun For Kids

Making the renovation fun for your kids is a great way to keep the focus on the positive. If you are tearing down a wall, let your kids take a marker to it and draw some pictures before you knock it down. This little bit of joy can make the entire remodel fun for your kids. 

Make A Kid-Safe Play Area
Premake meals when remodeling your home with kids

You will spend a lot of time telling your kids where they can’t walk or touch so designating an area just for them will eliminate any confusion or frustration that may arise. This could be even a small corner in the living room where they keep a few toys and comfortable seating. You could make the process fun by letting them decorate the area how they like. Mark Spain Real Estate encourages you to set boundaries so everyone stays safe and happy when you remodel your home with kids!

Plan Meals For Kids During The Renovation Process

Anytime you can get your hands on a home-cooked meal during a renovation will make the night feel like home. An easy way to always have home-cooked meals on hand is to meal prep and store dishes in the freezer. This makes it easy to pull out what you want and have a meal ready for the kids that is quick and easy. When you remodel your home with kids, you will quickly realize the importance of having meals and snack on hand! 

This resource that Mark Spain Real Estate has found shows an easy way to store home-cooked meals in your freezer and is also simple to heat up!

Are you in need of a home remodeling project in order to add value to your home? As a family with kids, we understand this can be a challenge, but with a little planning, it will all be worth it! Working with Mark Spain Real Estate, we contain the tools necessary to reach your goals fast! We are grateful to provide industry tips and trends to our clients and potential clients and help add home value. Contact us today to learn more information on how we serve clients in selling and buying their homes, easy and stress-free!

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