How To Sell Your Home Fast In Atlanta: The Need To Know

How To Sell Your Home Fast In Atlanta: The Need To Know

How To Sell Your Home Fast In Atlanta: The Need To Know

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Mark Spain Real Estate has gathered all the information you need to sell your home fast in Atlanta! The Atlanta real estate market continues to boom, and now is a better time than ever to sell your home. But when you’re looking to sell your home fast, where do you start? If you want to guarantee a timely offer on your home, there are seemingly endless tasks to do, things to know, and questions that arise in a short period of time. Selling your home can feel overwhelming.

Mark Spain Real Estate specializes in simplifying the selling process. With over 25 years of experience in the Atlanta housing market, Mark Spain Real Estate provides clients with the expertise, insight, and connections they need to sell homes quickly and at the desired price point. Below, we’ve compiled the “need to knows” about selling your home fast in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Understanding the Atlanta Real Estate MarketSell your home fast in Atlanta

Currently, the Atlanta real estate market is what’s called a “seller’s market.” This means that there are ample buyers looking for new homes, and that the sellers have the power when it comes to negotiations. Homes in a hot seller’s market like Atlanta are often more likely to sell at or even above the listing price. 

Overall, housing prices in Atlanta have been on the rise for the past several years, hitting an average listing price of $390,000 in February 2021, up $15,000 from January. Additionally, houses in Atlanta are selling faster on average. When comparing the months of February 2020 and February 2021, the average days that houses spent on the market decreased from 56 days to 32 days. This means that the Atlanta real estate market is becoming increasingly competitive, which is good news for selling your home

How to Get Your Atlanta Home Ready To Sell

Because of the competitive nature of Atlanta real estate, it’s important to consider a few different procedures before selling your home: maintenance and repairs, upgrades and renovations, and staging. Depending on the condition of your home, it may not require significant repairs, but you’ll want to check with an expert before overlooking this step.

With regards to renovations, a vast majority of sellers across the United States make at least two renovations before trying to sell your home in Atlanta, on average. These often include painting the interior and exterior, replacing flooring, landscaping, and updating the kitchen or bathroom. And finally, staging your home helps bring out the best elements of your home, such as natural light, unique features, open concepts, and how to maximize space. 

A professional and experienced real estate team, like the experts at Mark Spain Real Estate, will be able to help with all of these considerations. Additionally, if you’d prefer to avoid the hassle altogether, check out Mark Spain Real Estate’s Guaranteed Offer program, and receive a competitive cash offer on your home today.

How to List, Market, and Sell Your Atlanta Home

After you’ve successfully prepared your home to show buyers, it’s time to list, market, and sell your home fast in Atlanta. An expert real estate agent will handle most of this process for you, but these steps are vital to understand as the owner and seller. Your real estate agent will guide you through signing a listing agreement, completing property disclosures, and locating any important documents such as service agreements, deeds, and warranties. 

Marketing and selling your home is as straightforward as it sounds–you’ll want to let buyers know that your home is for sale! Share your home on social media, tell your friends, family, and coworkers, and get the word out–you never know who is in the market to buy a home in Atlanta.

It’s essential to note that the quality and professionalism of your real estate agent are critical in the marketing and selling step. Buyers may completely overlook your home if the photos are low quality or unhelpful. Additionally, a well-connected real estate team in the local Atlanta market, such as Mark Spain Real Estate, will ensure that your home gets maximum exposure and sells sooner rather than later. 

Accept an Offer and Close

Because Atlanta is a hot seller’s market, you most likely will have several offers on your home at a given moment. This will allow for a bit of negotiation. A savvy real estate agent like those at Mark Spain Real Estate can assure that you get the best deal possible by helping you navigate through the offers and explore different potential transactions. Allow us to aid you and sell your home fast in Atlanta!

After settling on an optimal buyer, the next steps include due diligence, financing, and appraisal. Due diligence, if required, is a period of time in which the buyer can investigate the condition of the property, ensuring that it is satisfactory. This period typically lasts one to two weeks and gives the buyer an opportunity to back out for any number of reasons.

Lastly, if the buyer is purchasing your Atlanta home with a loan, they will need to secure financing from a lender (a bank), and the bank will need to verify that the home is worth the asking price. A qualified real estate agent will handle a vast majority of these processes to keep things uncomplicated and under control. 

Steps to Sell Your Home Fast In Atlanta: A Recap

The overwhelming feelings associated with selling your home can sometimes delay the act of selling a home or even deter sellers entirely. To simplify the selling process, let’s summarize your most critical moves in a step-by-step recap:

  • Work with an experienced real estate agent
  • Understand the local real estate market
  • Prepare your home to sell
    • Maintenance and repairs
    • Renovations and upgrades
    • Staging
  • List and market your home
  • Accept an offer
    • Due diligence 
    • Financing and appraisal
  • Close and move out

Mark Spain Real Estate is the #1 real estate in the country in customer satisfaction, and for good reason. We take pride in making sure our clients sell their homes fast, and ensure that the selling process goes as smoothly as possible. With over two decades of experience in the Atlanta housing market, we make selling your Atlanta home easy. Contact us today to get started.

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