How to Sell Your Home Fast this Spring

How to Sell Your Home Fast this Spring

How to Sell Your Home Fast this Spring

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Spring has sprung and so has peak home-buying season. With increased demand and higher valuations, spring is the perfect time to sell your home. Use the following tips, and you’ll be well on your way to selling your home in no time!

1. Boost Your Curb Appeal

As your grass turns green and your flowers begin to bloom, your curb appeal will automatically start to increase. To make a dramatic difference, however, give your home that extra boost with tender love and care. The first impression is your only impression, so if you want to sell your home quickly, your curb appeal needs to be good. Wash your windows inside and out for a shine that sparkles. Rake away any fallen leaves from the previous season. Trim back overgrown bushes or trees, and mow the lawn to keep things neat and well-kept.

Mark Spain Real Estate has compiled the reasons to sell this Spring

2. Price Your Home Realistically

Though listing prices tend to be higher during the spring, you still want to be realistic. Work with your real estate agent to make sure your home pricing is reasonable. You don’t want your home sitting on the market because your asking price is too high. However, don’t sell yourself short either. Take advantage of the high demand in the market!

3. Stage Your Home

With so many houses on the market during the spring, you’ll want to distinguish your home from the rest and get a leg up on the competition. Stage your home to give it the advantage it needs. Staged homes tend to sell quicker and for a higher price, so consider using a professional home staging service to bring your decor to the next level.

4. Spring Clean Your Home

It goes without saying that a clean, fresh home will sell quicker than a one in need of more work any season. Be intentional with your spring cleaning and get a jump start  to make sure your home is cast in it’s best light to potential buyers. This is the time to be critical of your home. While cleaning, pay attention to odors, clutter and personal items. Ask yourself, “Will this distract from the home itself?” If so, fix it!

5. Make Small Renovations

Don’t underestimate the power of smaller renovations. You don’t need to redo your entire kitchen to make a big difference. You don’t have to add extravagant ceiling tiles when just removing dated popcorn ceilings will do the trick. Why replace hardwood flooring when a good polish may be all it needs? Be strategic with your renovations for the best return and quickest sale.

6. Keep Your Guests Cool During Showings

When showing your home make sure the air conditioning is set to a comfortable temperature for your guests. Now isn’t the time to be concerned about your utility bill. You don’t want your guests leaving prematurely because they’re too hot. In addition, have some cold beverages and snacks set out. It will give them an excuse to linger!

Use these tips and your home will be in prime condition to sell this spring.

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