In Good Company: Gina Rogusky

In Good Company: Gina Rogusky

In Good Company: Gina Rogusky

By Mark Spain Real Estate

We are ecstatic to announce that Gina Rogusky just celebrated 5 years with MSRE! Gina began her career with Mark Spain in the Short Sale Department when our team only consisted of about 10 to 12 people. Gina now serves as a Lead Coordinator and we are proud beyond belief to have such an amazing, dedicated individual on our team. We are so thrilled to highlight her as our next In Good Company member. 

Gina’s background:

Gina Rogusky grew up in Tennessee on a 400 acre beef cattle tobacco farm and moved to Georgia in 2000. Prior to moving to Alpharetta she lived in Annapolis, Maryland where she met her husband of 30 years and where her two children, Luke and Veronica, were born. Gina received her real estate license in Maryland in 1997 and started her career working for the Castle Team of Remax as a Buyer’s Agent. Due to her husband’s job transfer, they relocated to Flower Mound, a small town outside of Dallas, Texas in 2000 for 6 months and then moved to Alpharetta in December that same year.

To learn more about Gina and celebrate her 5 years with us, we interviewed her to hear more about her story:

Gina serves as a Lead Coordinator and we are proud beyond belief to have such an amazing, dedicated individual on our team.



What brought you to become a part of MSRE, Gina Rogusky?

I have been a licensed Realtor for 20 years and enjoy working in the Real Estate Industry. At the beginning of 2012, I was selling real estate owned properties, working with Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and other banks. The business had slowed down sufficiently. I had seen Mark Spain billboards and heard great things about him. My home is in Windward and his office was 3 miles from my home, so I decided to interview with Mark and was so thrilled and honored to become apart of the team. I began in the Short Sale Department when there were only about 10 to 12 people on the team. It is crazy to think we are now a team of over 100!

Why MSRE year over year?

I love the people on our team, they are my second family. I look forward to coming to work and being a part of the culture. Our team has strong work ethic and integrity, all stemming from our leader, Mark himself. He is very humble and always shows his appreciation to everyone. I am truly blessed to work as MSRE’s Lead Coordinator.

What is your favorite part about the people you work with, Gina Rogusky?

The people of Mark Spain are kind and considerate, everyone is always there to help you out no matter what. Everyone on our team goes above and beyond. Everyday we come into the office excited to help people and that is what I love most about my role; I truly love helping people.

Gina serves as a Lead Coordinator and we are proud beyond belief to have such an amazing, dedicated individual on our team.


What do you value most in the leadership at MSRE?

I value the appreciation, integrity, honesty and strong support that we receive from our leaders. We truly care about our clients. They are not only working with one agent but a full team to support them.

What have you learned the most from working at MSRE, Gina Rogusky?

I’ve learned how extremely important customer service is for our clients and how vital it is for each client to know how much we truly care and want to do the best job possible to help them with all their real estate needs.

Gina serves as a Lead Coordinator and we are proud beyond belief to have such an amazing, dedicated individual on our team.

Aside from real estate, what are your passions in life?

My family! I am so proud of my two adult children, Luke and Veronica. They are amazing and accomplishing success with all the hard work that they do every day. My son lives in Asheville, NC and works as a Director for Sore Adventures helping kids by teaching survival skills. My daughter, Veronica, is a UGA Graduate in her second year of Law School at Mercer. She has a strong passion in law and continues to do great things. My husband is my number one fan and is always by my side as my best friend. I enjoy traveling, reading, biking, hiking, camping, Falcon football games and spending time with family and friends. I also enjoy playing basketball and have a serious free throw shot.

What is a special memory from the past 5 years with MSRE?

One of my most favorite memories was when Mark introduced me in front of our team at a Sales Meeting. I received a standing applause for all my hard work and loyalty to the team; it was spectacular! I had no words, tears in my eyes and a full heart. It is an incredible feeling to be valued and appreciated – it doesn’t get better than this!

Do you have a favorite client story?

I have more than one favorite client story so this one is hard! While working as the Short Sale Facilitator, I dealt with clients that were having a difficult time paying their mortgage due to illness, divorce, death or having to relocate due to work. My goal was to obtain short sale approval from the mortgage companies. The work was very challenging, however, I was able to close 65 short sale listings during my two years of work in the short sale department. The biggest reward was helping these clients move on to new chapters in their lives and to avoid foreclosure.

What other ways are you involved in the greater Atlanta community?

My husband and I have been involved with City of Refuge in Atlanta for years and have really enjoyed the opportunity to help by feeding homeless people in need. It is a very rewarding experience. My husband and I team up together well. One year we helped with breakfast and he did the sausage and I did the pancakes; I ended up making over 300 pancakes in one day! My daughter, Veronica and I run the Susan G. Komen 5K for Breast Cancer and have attended it for the last 8 years on Mother’s Day weekend. It is a tradition I look forward to participating in with Veronica every year.

Tell me about the friendships you’ve made at MSRE, Gina Rogusky.

Mark, Whitney and John and his wife, Megan are like my second family. I know if I ever needed anything they would be there. I love all of the agents and employees at MSRE, a truly caring group of individuals.

We are so thankful and lucky to have Gina as such a special member of our team and look forward to many more years and memories together!

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