In Good Company: The People of MSRE – Matt Weeks

In Good Company: The People of MSRE – Matt Weeks

In Good Company: The People of MSRE – Matt Weeks

By Mark Spain Real Estate

 Matt Weeks serves as an Exclusive Listing Agent for our Alpharetta team. He is a Florida native who moved to Georgia with his lovely wife, Marie, and joined our team in 2018! After several months of tremendous growth, he is ready to tackle his next big adventure up north with our Nashville team.

Matt Weeks’ passion for the company and drive for greatness is contagious to all that work with him, we are very proud to spotlight Matt as our next person of MSRE!

Tell us about you, Matt Weeks! Where did you grow up? What do you love to do in your free time?

I grew up in the Florida panhandle, Destin FL area! Born at Fort Walton Beach Medical. In my free time I enjoy being outdoors, golfing, fishing, boating and being around friends and family!

How long have you been involved in real estate and where?

Currently in my 7th year of real estate, I have helped clients all over Florida, Georgia and now we are heading up to Tennessee in the coming weeks!


When and how did you become a part of MSRE?

I joined MSRE in Aug of 2018! I heard about MSRE from a lifelong friend, Chase Wright, who had been working for Mark for several years at the time. At the time, Marie and I were running a small, successful real estate team alongside my mother in my hometown. We wanted something more. Being a part of a company that was small and had BIG goals with a BIG vision was our dream.

After diving deep into MSRE we knew this was where we needed to be. I watched several interviews of Mark, I wanted to be coached by the best in the industry. Mark has developed an unbelievable team and machine, unlike any other model I had seen in the real estate business. We had nothing holding us back from making the move. When MSRE extended an offer for me to join their Alpharetta team, BOOM – off we went! 

Why Mark Spain Real Estate?

I will accept only the VERY best. We only get one life and I want to live mine to the fullest! In addition, this company and its leadership have the unique ability and willingness to look around corners when times are changing. It is far too often that I see companies stall out because they are unwilling to change with the times but not MSRE. The story behind MSRE is one of consistent growth and domination. Our numbers are impressive. However, what I found even more impressive is we do all of this with a very high customer satisfaction rating.

What is your favorite part about the people you work with? Tell us about the friendships you’ve made.

Simply put, it’s a family. In addition, everyone looks out for one another. This isn’t a one man show like every other brokerage model. We do not hire part timers. From our agents, ISA team, Admins, Marketing, IT department and Leadership: EVERYONE holds each other to a higher standard and the willingness to come together as a unit is what makes this ship sail.

Our company culture is unique and fun! The team is very involved in the community. Our company outings really bring our team together. I have made some lifelong friends within our team! When we moved up to ATL we knew a small handful of people but in the short nine months we have been here, I would say we have 5x the amount of friends we had upon arriving and 90% of those people are from the MSRE family. 



What is a hidden talent you have?

I have an ability to fix just about anything: homes, cars, you name it and I can just about figure it out! I’m one of those “Jack-of-all-trades” kind of guys.

Favorite food?

Real Estate Contracts! (Great Italian food works as well.)

Who inspires you in life?

Anyone with a backbone, and people who laugh in the face of a challenge. I have lots of people who I look up to. The greats of our time, people who were told they couldn’t do something and they did it! High achievers, Grinders and the Cleaners! The Donald Trumps and Tiger Woods of the world.

What are you looking forward to most this year?

Straight domination of the Nashville real estate market! We were recently afforded the opportunity to help grow MSRE into the Nashville market. The lessons that will come along with this experience are lessons no amount of money or college degree can get you. This is the real world! We all should constantly grow and improve and this is another step in the right direction.



From the team:

“Matt Weeks always has a smile on his face and brings positive energy to the office on a daily basis!” – Kyndal Weber

“Matt Weeks is a huge encourager of others and has a great time conducting business.  He’s always supportive of his peers and is having the best time when everyone is winning.  It’s always great to have Matt around because he will make you motivated to get through obstacles and provide help anytime he can.” – Chase Wright

“He has an infectious positive attitude. Matt Weeks is an absolute go-getter. I know any client I send his way will be taken care of the MSRE way.” – Lydia Sprayberry

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