In Good Company: Ali Cousins

In Good Company: Ali Cousins

In Good Company: Ali Cousins

By Mark Spain Real Estate

At Mark Spain Real Estate, one of our core values is to constantly grow and improve. Ali Cousins, a member of our marketing team, has really done well in exemplifying that value. Ali Cousins started with the Mark Spain Real Estate team early this year while still in college, and did a fantastic job as a marketing intern. As she neared graduation from Georgia Southern University, she and our team both knew she was capable of more. We are so excited Ali has moved into our Marketing Specialist role, she has earned this position and we cannot wait to see her thrive!

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Ali at MSRE

Tell us about you, Ali! Where were you born, and what do you enjoy in your free time?

I am a recent graduate from Georgia Southern University and I was born in St. Simons Island, GA. I am a big advocate for taking care of the skin you are in and going to the gym, running, and attempting new and healthy meals! I also love spending time with my friends and family in my free time. 

When and how did you become a part of Mark Spain Real Estate?

I started out as a Marketing Intern at Mark Spain Real Estate in March of 2021 and transitioned into a full-time role as a Marketing Specialist this past December! 

How long have you been involved in real estate and where?

Growing up, my mother was a real estate agent. I would spend my weekends at the office with her and beg to go to her appointments, that is where my love for real estate started. I originally wanted to become an agent until I dove into my internship in marketing at Mark Spain Real Estate during my last year of college. I had the best of both worlds: real estate and marketing! My passion for marketing grew, and I was given the opportunity to go down the marketing route at Mark Spain Real Estate! 

Why Mark Spain Real Estate?

After interning for over a year, I fell in love with everything that this company embodies. I am surrounded by so many influential and inspiring people, and my learning has never ceased to end! My “work” does not feel like work, I truly love every opportunity that arises and I fully believe it is because of the culture and environment built at Mark Spain Real Estate! 

What have you learned the most from working at Mark Spain Real Estate?

I have already learned so much, there is never a day when I do not pick up on something new! One thing that resonates with me, for example, is that when you start your day off with a grateful attitude, everything else falls into place. I have never been more grateful for the endless opportunities that come from being a part of this amazing team! 

What are your passions in life outside of work?

Ali as part of MSRE

As I mentioned before, I love working out. Whether it is a quick run or spending two hours at the gym, I always try to get some movement into my day. I believe that when you focus on how your soul and mind feel, your health and appearance follow closely! 

Who inspires you in life?

My mom is definitely the most influential person in my life! She is the strongest person I have ever met and will do anything for the ones she loves. She has always taught me to chase after all of my dreams, work hard, and never give up. I hope I can be half of the woman and mother she is one day! 

Tell us about the friendships you’ve made at Mark Spain Real Estate.

I heard about Mark Spain Real Estate through one of my best friends who now also works at the company as a listing agent. We support each other and have added a new aspect to our friendship working at the same company! I also have obtained many other friendships through our Marketing team.

I am so grateful to have such amazing women who uplift and support each other every day in and out of work! 

Ali at MSRE

What are you looking forward to this year?

I am looking forward to all of the growth and learning that this year has in store for me! As a recent college graduate, I am molding my new life post-graduation with lots of new beginnings, especially in my career! 

From the team

Ali joined our team over a year ago, and she has been a joy to work alongside each day since! As an intern, Ali was dedicated, responsible, timely, and thorough, which made her a great candidate to join our team full-time! Since taking on a larger role with the company, Ali has taken initiative, developed new processes to improve the department and company, and supported our team and agents tremendously! Ali has a big future, and we are thrilled to get to grow with her! 

Kaitlin Ridge, Director of Digital Marketing

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