In Good Company: Alisha Burdette

In Good Company: Alisha Burdette

In Good Company: Alisha Burdette

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Alisha Burdette serves as our Vice President of Marketing. Born in Newnan, Alisha is a native Georgian. Alisha graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington with a degree in Psychology. Following graduation, she went on to work with Delta Air Lines in New York and Atlanta for 5 years as a Flight Attendant, Operations Manager and HR Manager. Alisha earned her real estate license in 2003 and worked with Centex, Pulte Group and John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods. Alisha fell in love with the real estate industry and the opportunity to make a big, positive impact on people’s lives. We are excited to share more about Alisha Burdette!

Why Mark Spain Real Estate, Alisha Burdette?

When I began my sales career in new home construction, our team built a great relationship with Mark Spain. We served together through our Builder Referral Program and grew in business together. When I saw that Mark Spain went independent in 2016, my interest sparked, and I wanted to join the fast-growing team.

As I learned more about the vision of Mark Spain Real Estate, I fell in love. MSRE always strives for excellence and to deliver an outstanding experience to each one of our clients as well as our internal team. A major part of our values is to put our people first. The reason we have our additional offices and a broker/director at each office is because we want to invest in our people. No one else has leadership as visible as our team.


What are your proudest contributions to MSRE thus far?

I am so proud of the amazing teams I’ve been able to help build in Alpharetta and Marietta. Recruiting the best people in the business and investing weekly into their craft and lives is my passion. We can teach someone how to transact real estate, but we can’t teach work ethic and strong values. When recruiting, I look for that unmatched grit and passion that only winners possess.

Why do you lead?

I love being able to mentor others and share information. It’s an important skill to be able to sell and help people, and I love guiding my team towards the answers they need to be successful.

Their success is my priority and it is important to me to help my team reach their personal goals so they can live big lives at work and at home. I am committed to setting clear standards, holding them accountable, building lifelong relationships together and celebrating their wins!

What types of individuals do you look for when hiring for your team?

I look for hard workers with positivity and grit who are driven, team-oriented and have big personal goals. While we recruit at all levels of education, I look for super intelligent minds.


What is your favorite part about the people you work with?

Our team culture is so special. I love coming to work with a team that truly enjoys the work and enjoys helping these families get to where they want to be. I am a huge lover of problem-solving, and I get the opportunity to do it every day. Experience matters and we are problem solvers who can find the answer.

It is amazing to see our team lead our clients as well as each other with a servant’s heart. Our team is genuinely willing to put others ahead of themselves. Every day I see my team helping another team member and covering the client because one person can’t be the end-all-be-all every time. Sara Mitchell, for example, had a closing last week, and Carla Ruff met one of Sara’s buyers at the property the client wanted to see. The buyer ended up loving the home and was able to start the offer process that same day! These things happen daily. I love being in the game with my team and winning the game!

In addition, the leadership crew at MSRE has been together for over 10 years. We’re a family and having fun is a priority. I love coming to work every day and seeing my work family!

What are you most looking forward to this year?

I look forward to celebrating my team’s successes and honoring their wins. It is so important to reward and celebrate the wins. It’s not just about the closing or moving on to the next rock or problem; celebrating the job well done lifts the spirit of our team. If you don’t slow down to celebrate the successes and those big wins, you miss out on that big part of life.

What are your passions in life outside of work?

Faith and family are what drive me every day. My priority is raising kind, respectful children. My husband, Kevin, and I met while working together at Delta Airlines. We have 3 children: AnnaCaroline, William and MollieMichael. We hope to go on a dream trip to Grace Bay in Turks and Caicos in the near future!

Favorite quote:

“Leadership has nothing to do with the title on your business card or the size of your office. It is not about how much money you make or the clothes you wear. Leadership is a philosophy. It’s an attitude. It’s a state of mind. And it’s available to each one of us.” – Robin Sharma

I feel like this quote encapsulates the leadership mindset so fully. It is not about status or getting somewhere. It’s about being present. At the end of the day, we’re good with what we do.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

For me, it wouldn’t be where in the world but who in the world I’d want to live with. Having all of my family and close friends together living in the same area would be amazing!


If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you travel?

We enjoy Grand Cayman on repeat. We love the beach, so anywhere with sandy beaches and blue oceans has our name on it. From my family living on St. Simons Island, to going to college at the beach and marrying my husband Kevin at the beach as well, the sand, ocean and fresh air have a special place in our hearts.

Favorite food:


From the team:

“Alisha Burdette is a tireless leader who is always willing to help an agent in need. She constantly checks in with all Marietta agents and pushes us to do our best each and every day. It is a pleasure to come into the office every morning and see her bright, smiling face!” – Alex Ostendorf, Exclusive Buyer Agent

“Alisha Burdette is so eager to help us. She is always there to jump in and solve any and all problems. She is the first to hop on a call with a client and help us get through any obstacles.” – Lauren Morris, Exclusive Listing Agent

“I love working with Alisha Burdette! She is fun, motivational and a great listener. She works very hard and really cares about her team!” – Marty McCravy, Exclusive Listing Agent

“Alisha Burdette is consistent, always available to help and has great suggestions on difficult circumstances. I really like the way her mind works!” – Guy Thomas, Exclusive Listing Agent

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