In Good Company: Kyndal Weber

In Good Company: Kyndal Weber

In Good Company: Kyndal Weber

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Kyndal Weber serves as one of our fabulous Client Concierges! Starting as our Director of First Impressions, Kyndal then transitioned to the role of Client Concierge. She has an incredible drive, a passion for helping others and a strong determination to be the best she can! We are so thrilled to highlight her talents and her time with us at Mark Spain Real Estate.

kyndal weber

Tell us about you, Kyndal Weber!! Where you were born, where you grew up, what you enjoy in your free time?

Well, my name is Kyndal Weber! I was born and raised here in Atlanta, Georgia. I’ve always been a very active person, which I can credit that to having an older brother. Growing up, I played virtually every sport a kid could try. From soccer to cheerleading to horseback riding! With that being said, during my free time I like to stay active in any way I can, whether it be going for a jog outside or hitting the gym. Also, I really enjoy cooking! Along with having a Southern mom & a French dad, I took Culinary Arts for 4 years so I would say I can cook a pretty good meal! 

When and how did you become a part of MSRE?

I joined Mark Spain Real Estate in August of 2016. At the time, I was working as a server at a local Italian restaurant and was ready for a more structured lifestyle. I was having a conversation with my best friend about it and that’s when she mentioned that her sister’s job was looking for a Director of First Impressions! I immediately went online to apply and shortly after I became apart of the team!  

How long have you been involved in real estate and where?

This is my first real estate job, but I have been around it my whole life! My mom has been in the business since I was born. I remember practically growing up in her office! My uncles are also a part of the industry, so I like to say that it’s in my blood.

What is your favorite part about the people you work with?

There’s a quote that I grew up being told, “you are who you surround yourself with.” My favorite part about working with the people at Mark Spain is that we are all so driven. We all strive to be the best that we can be. Being surrounded by people like this makes it a place where I can truly say I’m proud to work at!

What have you learned the most from working at MSRE?

I’ve learned so much working here at Mark Spain! The ins and outs of the real estate industry, maintaining an unparalleled customer experience. I’ve also found my passion for real estate! 

What are your passions in life outside of work?

I’ve really been enjoying experimenting with cooking! I have recently become plant-based, so I have been playing around with different recipes. Not only that, I am really passionate about fitness. I like to push myself and see how far I can go whether it be with how much weight I can lift to how far I can run!


Who inspires you in life?

This is cliche, but my family inspires me the most! I can truly say that I am blessed to have the most loving, hardworking family. My mom has been with the same company for 25 years and has worked so hard at what she does while keeping a smile on her face the whole time. My dad has started his own business from the ground up while still being able to make people laugh. Additionally, my brother is probably the most driven person I’ve met in my life. He is always going the extra mile. I really am grateful for the family I have and I hope to make them as proud as I am of them!

Tell me about the friendships you’ve made at MSRE.

The friendships I have made while working at MSRE are amazing. It makes such a difference going into work and knowing that you’re going into a job where you’ll be able to see your friends. It’s exceptionally special to know you’re friends with people that share the same passion as you do. I am thankful to work in an environment where I can say that my co-workers are my friends! 

kyndal weber

What are you looking forward to this year?

The thing that I am looking forward to the most this year is growing. I’ve learned you never really stop growing  and I have developed to really love that. Whether it be professionally, physically, or mentally, you can always improve! So, I’m just really excited to see what’s next! 

From the Team

“Kyndal is a ball of energy! She puts her best foot forward and is always serving others with a smile. Watching her grow into her role as a concierge is a delight to see! You know without a doubt she is going above and beyond in all that she does.” – Alex Skelton

“Kyndal Weber has grown so much in her time here at Mark Spain Real Estate! Starting as our Director of First Impressions, she was the first smiling face our agents saw as they walked through the door each morning. In the four years she’s been with the company, she’s added to our fun and supportive culture in numerous ways. Now as Client Concierge, she is working alongside our Alpharetta team to bring a stellar experience to all she encounters!” – Lindsey Haste

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