In Good Company: Ravi Teja Gutha

In Good Company: Ravi Teja Gutha

In Good Company: Ravi Teja Gutha

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Ravi Gutha works on our team as one of our Salesforce Developers!  We are proud to highlight him in our “In Good Company”. Born and raised in India, he moved to Boston to pursue his Masters. His incredible work ethic and fun personality has made a tremendous impact on our company and we are very excited to highlight his talents!

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ravi gutha

Tell us about you, Ravi Gutha! Where did you grow up, what do you enjoy in your free time?

I was born and brought up in Hyderabad, India. I was educated in India until I began to pursue my Masters which led me to the U.S. where I graduated from a college in Boston, MA. Ever since I completed my undergrad studies I have been continuously learning the Salesforce platform. Post graduation I started working as a Certified Salesforce Developer which is something I am highly interested in. Apart from my career prospects I am a fun loving person, and being the eldest son in my family I have always been very responsible. I enjoy spending time with my friends and often with myself.

When and how did you become a part of MSRE?

While I was actively in search of new opportunities I learned of an opening for a Salesforce Developer at Mark Spain Real Estate and applied through LinkedIn. Later I was contacted by Dan Rohde and got to know about the company and its functioning in detail. I was quite impressed and felt working at Mark Spain Real Estate would have a great impact on me both professionally and personally. Once the offer was made I started work immediately. In May of 2019 I moved to Atlanta and started working onsite in Mark Spain Real Estate’s headquarters.

How long have you been involved in real estate and where?

Before Mark Spain Real Estate, I had never worked nor been associated with any real estate company. However, since I have started working here it’s been a wonderful experience.

Why Mark Spain Real Estate?

Mark Spain Real Estate is one of the nation’s top real estate companies and offers fast-paced growth. It’s an employee-friendly company that supports employee growth by providing necessary resources and being in good company with one another. The company does a great job of creating a motivational environment for its employees. The work I do allows for vast opportunity to learn new concepts everyday and for me to continue to grow technically efficient.

ravi gutha

What is your favorite part about the people you work with?

The best part about working here is that work doesn’t feel like work. Because of the people I work with on a daily basis, I come into work feeling energized and excited about the day. Additionally everyone I work with is extremely friendly and highly cooperative.

What are your passions in life outside of work?

I highly enjoy playing cricket. In fact, I’m looking forward to starting a new cricket club in Atlanta. Plus, I love going on long drives and exploring new things and places. I have always been a food lover, so I love to visit different restaurants and taste different cuisines.

ravi gutha

What is a hidden talent that you have?

I can prepare delicious Indian food. Additionally I am a certified sandwich artist.

Who inspires you in life?

My mother is my biggest inspiration. Every day of her life is spent working hard, and I have never once heard her complain about anything. She taught me how to make choices and provided me with immense freedom and guidance to pursue the life I want. She always made sure that she had my back. My mother supports me in every step of my life. I still seek out her opinion when I need inspiration.

What are you looking forward to this year?

This year I am looking forward to growing personally and professionally, learning new things, setting up new goals and accomplishing them. I want to improve myself technically and become more proficient in maintaining an excellent client experience by using Salesforce as a medium.

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