In Good Company: Sean Davidson

In Good Company: Sean Davidson

In Good Company: Sean Davidson

By Mark Spain Real Estate

At Mark Spain Real Estate, one of our core values is to constantly grow and improve. We provide our agents with opportunities to grow and improve through our continuous training and development programs. We are excited to honor Exclusive Listing Agent, Sean Davidson, for hitting the 200th closing with Mark Spain Real Estate. Congratulations Sean, we are blessed to have you on our team! 

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How long have you been with Mark Spain Real Estate?

I have been with Mark Spain Real Estate for over 5 years. I started in August 2015.

What great accomplishments have you achieved since starting with Mark Spain Real Estate? We are excited to honor a milestone for Sean as he hit his 200th closing with Mark Spain Real Estate

Being the first agent on the team to cross the 100, 150, and 200 closing’s landmarks was very cool. I’d have to say being in Real Producers Top 500 agents for 2020 was exciting. Additionally, I was honored to have won the all company award for promoting a fun and supportive culture!

What are some important things you have learned since you started with Mark Spain Real Estate?

If you help someone get their boat to shore, you will find that yours makes it as well. In other words, if you help others, you will in turn find you are helping yourself out as well. Everyone has a unique story, and you can never be certain what you are going to come across when helping a client. When guiding clients through the transaction of their home, I can not only help them but they can also help me.

Tell us one thing you have learned with Mark Spain Real Estate that has been crucial to your success.

Education is an ongoing process. Personal development is a very important and undervalued piece of growing a career. I wasn’t a reader before joining the company, but now I see all the value it brings and I can’t imagine life without it.

How has Mark Spain Real Estate’s extensive training helped you achieve the level of success you have today, Sean?

It has been really cool to see our Training Department grow and improve over the years as it has become a big focus of the brokerage. The ongoing training is what is impressive.  The Training Department’s growth has been personally helpful and beneficial to my success. They are always coming up with new and innovative thoughts and ideas. They have provided training that has pushed me beyond my comfort zone and to grow and improve as a person and a sales professional in order to better serve my clients.

In what ways have you grown since you started with Mark Spain Real Estate?

I don’t think there is a way I haven’t changed over the last 5 + years. When I started with the brokerage, I had just graduated from the University of Georgia, and I didn’t really know anything about real estate. Mark, John,  and the team have been instrumental in teaching and molding me into the sales professional I am today. I would say one of the biggest lessons that has helped me grow, is learning how to problem solve. There is always a solution, some solutions may be more clear or simpler than others, but never give up because there is always a solution! 

From the team

Sean has grown tremendously over the years both personally and professionally and continues to raise the bar for his peers.  He’s got a big heart and it’s felt by those that surround him!  The sky’s the limit for Sean!  It’s really fun to be on this journey with him! – Cindy Krampetz – Vice President of Sales

Sean’s commitment to growing and improving is one of the many Mark Spain Real Estate values that has allowed him to achieve such a monumental milestone. Having the privilege of working alongside Sean, I know he will push you to be your best you! Keep doing you Sean – great teammate!! #Proud!!! – Matthew Weeks, Associate Director of Sales Alpharetta

Sean Davidson is an asset to Mark Spain Real Estate! It has been a pleasure to watch Sean continually level up not only himself but the entire team in our ever changing business of real estate. Sean truly believes that if you help others accomplish their goals you will achieve yours as well, from his clients to members on the team, Sean constantly pours into everyone! We are beyond grateful to be in business with Sean! – Sara Archambeau, Director of Sales Alpharetta

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