In Good Company: The People of MSRE – Koji Krzywosz

In Good Company: The People of MSRE – Koji Krzywosz

In Good Company: The People of MSRE – Koji Krzywosz

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Koji Krzywosz serves an Exclusive Listing Agent in our Charlotte office! He was born in San Antonio, TX, but has spent the majority of his life in Charlotte, NC. He joined the Mark Spain Real Estate team in March of 2018. Koji is hard working, is always available to help others around him, and goes above and beyond for his clients. We truly appreciate having Koji on our team and we are so proud to highlight his dedication and talents!

Tell us about you, Koji Krzywosz! Where were you born, where did you grow up? What do you enjoy in your free time?

I was born in San Antonio, Texas but have been in Charlotte almost my entire life. I also lived in Costa Rica for about three and a half years. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family and thinking about playing tennis again. One day I will actually start playing again!

Mark Spain Real Estate highlights Koji Krzywosz

When and how did you become a part of MSRE?

Around February of 2018 I started hearing the advertising on the radio for Mark Spain Real Estate. Coming from a marketing background this really stood out to me. So I reached out to MSRE for an interview and it worked! I started at the end of March in 2018. 

How long have you been involved in real estate and where?

I have been a Realtor since 2012 in Charlotte but had never done it full time until I came to MSRE.

Why Mark Spain Real Estate?

I reached out to some friends in the Atlanta area and asked what they thought about MSRE and they mentioned how much advertising is done. Once I heard that I knew that this wasn’t just a grand opening advertising campaign, but a long term strategy. After hearing that I was hooked! I knew my biggest challenge would be drumming up my own business so the fit was perfect. 

What is your favorite part about the people you work with?

Relationships matter. Not just the relationship that you can build with clients but also internally. We have a great group of people that all get along. Even though I have only met some people in the Georgia offices once, I feel like we have also developed a nice bond.

What have you learned the most from working at MSRE?

Real Estate. I know that sounds kind of crazy, but on the job training is sometimes the best way to learn. After each appointment I can take something different away. Each appointment I can try something new. No seller is the same and no appointment is exactly the same which keeps things fresh. A year ago I knew I could sell. This year, I know I am the best person for someone to have to sell their house. 

Favorite food?

Really depends on my mood. Right now I am really wanting a Vietnamese Vermicelli Bowl. If you haven’t tried it, get it now! And dump that fish sauce all over it! That is the best part! 

What is a hidden talent that you have?

I always like to say I played tennis a lot, about 40 pounds ago. So I guess I would say tennis. I taught it for many years during high school and college and even walked on the team at my college. 

Who inspires you in life?

I have to go with my wife, Erica. I have never met anybody who works harder than she does. She puts 100% of herself in everything that she does. I wish I had that type of drive. I feel like I put 100% of myself in things I enjoy, but she just does it in everything! 

Tell us about the friendships you’ve made at MSRE.

I want to give a special shoutout to Suzi Schoonmaker. Suzi and I are the longest tenured people in the Charlotte market. She is my sounding board and accountability partner. She pushes me to get better and to win! The great and odd thing about our office is that we all get along. We all know that we will help everyone to try and improve. For the Charlotte market to be as successful as it could be, you need a team of people who look out for each other. I feel like we have that! 

What are you looking forward to this year?

Professionally, I am extremely excited that within the next month or two I will be surpassing 50 closings during my time at MSRE. I am also excited to see how our team grows and develops. We have a lot of new agents, but we are all hungry and have similar mindsets. Personally, I am proud to say that I will be having my first baby girl! We are expecting her to be here on July 30th! So I can’t wait to welcome Olivia Elle Krzywosz to the family! 

From the team:

“Koji, is ALWAYS upbeat and smiling. He has a calming personality. Koji has talked me off the real estate edge more than once. He is an integral part of my and our team’s  success. Thank you Koji!” – Suzi Schoonmaker

“Koji is the best! Even if he is having a bad day, you would never know it as he brings so much joy and positivity to everything. He is the first person to drop what he’s doing to help a peer and willing to lead without a title when asked. Koji truly is an asset to our team and I am fortunate to work with him.” – Rachel Alles

“Koji is great to work with! He takes on every client with the same enthusiasm and cannot wait to assist them. He is the absolute definition of having an attitude of excellence. With any situation, he is readily available to answer any questions and assist with any client issue. Koji has been a valuable asset to our Charlotte team!” – Lydia Sprayberry

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