How to Know if Your Home is Ready to Be Listed

How to Know if Your Home is Ready to Be Listed

How to Know if Your Home is Ready to Be Listed

By Mark Spain Real Estate

A lot goes into listing a home, and sometimes it can take time to know if your home is ready to hit the market. From determining an asking price to cleaning your home from top to bottom, the preparation process can feel endless for sellers who are getting their home ready to be listed. 

By working with the experts at Mark Spain Real Estate, you can check everything off your pre-listing checklist and optimize your home’s market debut. With exclusive industry intel on the southeast’s most popular real estate markets, our team instills confidence in sellers working on getting their homes market-ready. Below, we’ve compiled a list of signs and steps to get your home ready to be listed for buyers to see. 

How to Know if Your Home is Ready to Be Listed

You’ve Hired a Quality Real Estate Agent

The first step to getting your home ready to be listed is that you’ve hired a qualified real estate agent. Having an industry professional on your side ensures all listing preparations get done before your home hits the market. From setting a listing price to putting the finishing touches on your home’s interior design, a licensed real estate agent is crucial in your home’s listing process. hire an experienced real estate agent as you get your home ready to be listed

As a seller, be selective about your choice of realtor. When looking for agents, ask about contenders’ experience in your area, connections to potential buyers, and marketing expertise. At Mark Spain Real Estate, our agents go above and beyond to equip sellers with the necessary knowledge and tools to list their homes. With our guidance, you can be sure to get your home ready to be listed in your desired time frame

You’ve Determined Your Home’s Value

Knowing your home’s value and setting a fair asking price is another sign your home is ready to hit the market. However, setting a listing price can be easier said than done. Much market research should go into establishing a competitive listing price, as you must consider several external factors that influence your home’s market value. From recently sold neighborhood comparables to the supply and demand of real estate in your area, several steps are involved in setting your listing price.

When determining your home’s value, it’s important to set your personal biases aside. With so many memories attached to your home, it can be easy to overestimate your home’s value. With help from real estate professionals at Mark Spain Real Estate, you’ll receive an in-depth comparative market analysis that accurately assesses your home’s market value. Once this is conducted, your home will be one step closer to making its market debut.  

You’ve Depersonalized and Decluttered Your Home

A clean home is a clear sign that your home is ready to hit the market. As buyers walk through the door, you’ll want them to acknowledge your home’s beauty rather than be distracted by clutter and grime. So, make sure to take the steps toward deep cleaning, decluttering, and depersonalizing your home before you welcome any buyers. From cleaning out closets to scrubbing every surface until it’s spotless, cleaning and organizing your home is the best way to impress buyers instantly. Clean and declutter your home

If you want to get your home ready to be listed and are still living in it while it’s on the market, removing any personal touches from your space is crucial. While you may love your gallery wall of family portraits or your children’s drawings taped to the fridge, buyers will likely not have the same sentiment.

When getting your home ready to be listed, keep your space as neutral as possible to help buyers envision the potential life they could have in your home. 

You’ve Made Minor Repairs and Updates

If your home is in excellent condition, chances are it’s ready to be listed. While some home buyers love a good fixer-upper, most would rather their home be move-in ready once they get the keys. So, if your home needs a few tweaks and repairs, take care of these before putting your house on the market.

A good rule of thumb is to hire a pre-sale inspector to evaluate your home’s condition thoroughly. During the inspection, the inspector will assess your home’s structural foundation, paying close attention to walls and ceilings, flooring, windows, lighting, and more. Once the inspection is complete, you can outsource professional help for more significant repairs or perform DIY home renovations to take care of minor fixes.  

Some repairs and updates may pertain to your home’s curb appeal. Because your curb appeal is the first thing a buyer sees, it significantly impacts your sale’s success. Before listing your home, make any necessary upgrades or repairs to your home’s exterior to ensure buyers like what they see. Whether you’re repainting your front door or repairing your gutters, keep your exterior in pristine condition to maximize your curb appeal. 

You’ve Staged Your Home For Showings

The last step to get your home ready to be listed is if it’s staged and ready for showtime. Staging your home involves sprucing up your home’s interior design to maximize its buyer appeal. Most home buyers appreciate neutral aesthetics with tasteful wall colors and modern furnishings.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to overhaul your furniture and decor completely. Sellers can experiment with existing pieces in their homes to revitalize their aesthetic. At Mark Spain Real Estate, our agents will offer guidance in furniture swaps, and decoration revamps to eliminate the stress from the home staging process. 

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