Tips To Keep Your Home Showing Ready

Tips To Keep Your Home Showing Ready

Tips To Keep Your Home Showing Ready

By Mark Spain Real Estate

At Mark Spain Real Estate, we know selling a home can be overwhelming. With kids out for summer break, added stresses arise. We have gathered the top tips to help keep your home clean and orderly so you can be ready for showings and open houses! The residential real estate market is moving at a fast rate, we want you to be prepared for anything! Mark Spain Real Estate prioritizes our clients, we strive to alleviate all stresses during the selling process. 

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Tips to Stay Showing Ready:

Organize and Declutter rooms 

Studies have shown that when a space is organized and clutter is at a minimum, stress will be significantly lower. Take a day and go through all the rooms in your home and get rid of anything that you do not use anymore. Have your kids make piles of toys that they do not play with anymore, clothes that they do not need, and books that are no longer in use. You can donate these to your local charities or Goodwill! By doing this, you can free up more space and organize necessities. When a potential buyer views a home, clutter distracts them from the actual home itself. 


When children have a clear understanding of where their toys go, they are more inclined to put them away. The last thing you should have to worry about is cleaning up toys before a showing. Provide baskets for different items like dolls, toy cars, and clothing items. This way, your kids can take the toys off the floor and put them in the basket when done. To create a more visual appeal, get baskets to match the aesthetics of the room. 

Weekly ChecklistsCreate checklists to prepare for showings

Set aside a day where you can make a checklist to allocate certain tasks to each family member for the week. Provide rewards to make the chores more fun and to ensure that they get done. Having each child make their beds and straighten their rooms and bathrooms each morning will take many items off of your checklist. At night, dedicate a certain task to each family member. When one member is straightening the family room, another might be cleaning the kitchen. Families are teams, you can collectively prepare each day so you aren’t scrambling to clean before a last-minute showing! 

Guaranteed Offer Program

At Mark Spain Real Estate, we understand the needs of all clients are different. To aid those in need of a fast sale, we offer the Guaranteed Offer Program. With this program, you can bypass the market and streamline the sale by receiving a competitive all-cash offer for your home contingent on the inspection of your home! You are able to skip the stresses of showings and open houses! This program allows you to close within 21 days and you can even choose a timeframe to close to ensure you are prepared to move on to the next chapter of your life! To see if you qualify for our Guaranteed Offer Program, visit our website!

We are grateful to serve our clients’ in reaching their selling and buying real estate goals while delivering an unparalleled client experience. At Mark Spain Real Estate we lead with a servant’s heart and put our clients first in all that we do.

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