Kevin’s Unparalleled Guaranteed Offer Experience

Kevin’s Unparalleled Guaranteed Offer Experience

Kevin’s Unparalleled Guaranteed Offer Experience

By Mark Spain Real Estate

The professionals at Mark Spain Real Estate want successful outcomes for all of our clients just as much as they want to see them. Your wins are our wins!

In the midst of a real estate market that is on FIRE, we love to recognize the clients who have taken the time to show their appreciation for their experiences with our team of professionals. We would not be nearly as successful as we are without their feedback that helps us learn and grow to better serve our amazing communities.

Our agents are committed to reaching your real estate goals, no matter how big or small they may be. In making your dreams a reality, we go the extra mile to skip the stress that can come with selling your home so you can enjoy the process.

Kevin, one of our recent clients, had an amazing selling experience with his Exclusive Listing Agent and we cannot wait to share it with you. Keep reading to learn more about how Kevin was able to sell his home with the Guaranteed Offer Program, one of the many selling programs we are grateful to provide for our clients. 

Kevin’s Story

Kevin was ready to start the next chapter of his life in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the first step in doing so was to sell his condo. He was not in a rush to purchase a new place at the time, but he was eager to sell his current space in about 30 days. Coming to this realization, Kevin gave Mark Spain Real Estate a call after hearing one of our advertisements on a local radio station. He was interested in learning more about our services and how they could align with his real estate goals.

Our agents are trained and highly motivated, and we were more than grateful to introduce Kevin to one of our knowledgeable Exclusive Listing Agents in Charlotte. In their meeting, his Exclusive Listing Agent was able to fully explain all of our selling programs and answer any questions he had. He was immediately impressed with his Exclusive Listing Agent’s attention to detail and knowledge of the Guaranteed Offer Program.Kevin’s Unparalleled Guaranteed Offer Experience

This selling program had the greatest advantages for Kevin’s situation, so it ultimately became the program they chose to sell his condo! The Guaranteed Offer Program is great because clients like Kevin can sell their home in as little as 21 days and for a competitive all-cash offer. 

With more than 20 years of real estate experience, the clients of Mark Spain Real Estate can rest assured that they are in the best hands in the industry!

Kevin’s Guaranteed Offer Experience With The #1 Team In The US

Kevin’s Guaranteed Offer experience was unparalleled! He was able to successfully sell his condo in his ideal time frame and receive an amazing all-cash offer thanks to the commitment of his Exclusive Listing Agent. Kevin is so grateful that he chose Mark Spain Real Estate to serve him in the selling process and help him take the first step in the next chapter of his life!

When we asked Kevin about his Guaranteed Offer Experience with Mark Spain Real Estate, he gladly shared,

I’m happy to say that the Guaranteed Offer process and the Exclusive Listing Agent I was assigned to from completing a quick quote request online was a true blessing. I immediately felt comfortable with her and told her within 30 minutes I would use her as my agent. Given my specific situation, I wanted a fresh start with the least amount of stress and effort; the Guaranteed Offer Program ended up being a unique and great fit for my situation.

My Exclusive Listing Agent was the best part about the whole experience, because not only did she perfectly explain all of our options upfront, but she also never pushed me in any direction. I felt in control the whole time. She was very professional, but most importantly, genuine. She was the kind of agent I always wanted as she made me feel comfortable that she would do anything for me that was needed. We even had fun during the process! I am lucky to have had my Exclusive Listing Agent, some things are just meant to be and that’s how I am always going to feel about my whole experience!

Kevin’s feedback is a perfect testament to how we lead with a servant’s heart. For those looking to sell their home, please visit our blog to learn more about the different selling programs we offer. 

Kevin’s Unparalleled Guaranteed Offer ExperienceAbout The Guaranteed Offer Program

Mark Spain Real Estate’s Guaranteed Offer makes selling simple and hassle-free. The program offers the ability to bypass the market with no showings and no open houses! Additionally, you can receive a competitive cash offer and close in as little as 21 days or after you find your new home.

We understand each of our clients has different real estate goals. Because of this, we provide our clients with different selling programs to meet their real estate goals. These selling programs include our Traditional Market Listing Program, our Guaranteed Offer Program, and our Accelerated Offer Program. We are grateful to be able to meet each of our clients’ real estate goals, no matter what the situation is! 

Mark Spain Real Estate is grateful to serve all of Metro Atlanta, including Athens in Georgia, Raleigh and Charlotte and Greensboro in North Carolina, Nashville and Chattanooga in Tennessee, Tampa and Orlando and Jacksonville in Florida, Greenville in South Carolina, and Birmingham in Alabama!

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