Kitchen Design Trends Buyers Want in 2021

Kitchen Design Trends Buyers Want in 2021

Kitchen Design Trends Buyers Want in 2021

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Spending more time at home has allowed homeowners to fine tune their cooking and baking abilities, practically transforming themselves into world-class chefs. Having an up-to-date kitchen is sure to help you sell your home fast. Here are three kitchen design trends that promise to grasp potential buyers’ attention!

Kitchen Design Trends – Farmhouse Sinks + Pull-Down Faucets

Incorporating a farmhouse sink is sure to increase buyer traffic on your listing. The deep and wide walls of the basin coupled with a pull-down faucet increases the functionality of your kitchen dramatically. This duo will make doing the dishes easier and quicker than ever before! Moreover, this kitchen detail adds a luxurious factor to your kitchen taking it to the next level.

Some sinks even come with a cutting board designed to fit over the opening! For kitchens compromised on space, these are a great tool to include. Additionally, these cutting boards make cooking easier as they eliminate the efforts needed to constantly clean up your chopping station! After chopping food homeowners can simply slide their scraps into the sink, run the garbage disposal, and be ready for the next task.

Kitchen Design Trends – Natural Elements


This kitchen is up-to-date on 2021 design trends

Introducing natural metals such as gold or copper into your kitchen can be a creative way to add color while still being subtle and elegant. Pairing copper kitchen details with neutral earthy tones is an easy way of transforming your kitchen into a sleek, modern oasis. It is sure to add a pop of brightness to the cooking and baking zone.

Copper sinks and other appliances have quickly become a household must-have. Not only because of its bright, fun color but also because copper has the natural ability to kill bacteria!


Adding plants to your kitchen is an affordable way to bring your space to life! Incorporating an indoor garden filled with a wide variety of herbs and fresh vegetables will complete the look of your kitchen. This kitchen design trend is sure to leave a lasting impression on your potential buyers. Not only does it serve a visual purpose, but also a functional purpose through elevating homeowners’ cocktail creating and cooking experience.

Wood and MarbleThis kitchen is up-to-date on 2021 design trends

Natural wood floors and marble countertops are popular additions to any home and a kitchen design trend that is timeless. Including these details in your kitchen will transform it into an area of peace, creativity, and inspiration. The natural tan tones of the wood contrasted with sleek metals and marble stone countertops offer homeowners the opportunity to have a completely balanced kitchen. These details are highly sought-after kitchen design trends by buyers paying in 2021!

Kitchen Design Trends – Minimalism

The more time people spend at home, the easier it is to collect clutter. Minimalism is a kitchen design trend where less is more! It has been proven that clearing your home of junk allows homeowners to enhance their quality of life. Consequently leading to increased focus, productivity, and creativity! Buyers are going after homes that offer the storage space necessary to achieve the minimalist aesthetic.

Having a large pantry provides homeowners with the increased functionality needed to add organizing shelves and containers while keeping clutter low. Setting an organization system is key to incorporating the minimalist trend into your home. However, homeowners who lack pantry storage can increase their storage space by adding shelves to cabinets and organizing boxes to drawers. By increasing your kitchen storage space, you will be sure to captivate potential buyers’ attention.

Pairing your de-cluttered kitchen with simple abstract paintings and neutral tones is all you need to achieve the minimalist and chic kitchen design trend buyers desire.

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