5 Awesome Landscaping Tips To Sell Your Home Faster

5 Awesome Landscaping Tips To Sell Your Home Faster

5 Awesome Landscaping Tips To Sell Your Home Faster

By Mark Spain Real Estate

The first impression of a home can make or break a buyer’s decision, and your home’s curb appeal can help you sell your home faster or slower, depending on its state. One of the areas often forgotten about when it comes to first impressions is the yard. A well-landscaped lawn and backyard can improve your chances of selling your home and add to your home’s final sale value.

Mark Spain Real Estate is grateful to be the #1 team in the US for closed transactions! We understand the importance of curb appeal, and we want your selling process to go as smoothly as possible. Accordingly, we’ve put together five easy and inexpensive landscaping tips to help sell your home faster and at a higher price. 

Tips to Sell Your Home Faster

Start EarlySell Your Home Faster with these 5 Landscaping Tips

Ideally, you want to start cleaning up your yard and landscaping around 30-45 days before you plan on showing your home. This not only gives you enough time to get everything done, but also allows for a natural, genuine, and welcoming appearance. By getting started ahead of time, you also will give yourself time to thoroughly inspect any landscaping that may have been neglected or forgotten about, like the gutters, a deck that needs significant repair, or plants that need replacement or repotting. When you’re trying to sell your home fast, you don’t want any surprises.

Add Color

A simple trick to improving your curb appeal with landscaping is to add some instant color. Though purchasing many plants can get rather expensive, try to simply fill in empty gaps and spaces with a few affordable colorful flowers to add lighter, happy tones. Bright annuals will instantly add to your home’s appearance. If planting in the ground isn’t optimal for your yard, perhaps consider hanging pots or baskets filled with colorful flowers. Additionally, shrubs and basic evergreens can help fill in gaps for a substantially more refined look to your garden or front yard. By adding color and filling holes, your home will appear fuller and more welcoming than ever.

Sell Your Home Faster with these 5 Landscaping Tips

Apply Fresh Mulch

Don’t underestimate the power of fresh mulch when selling your home. As a relatively inexpensive method to improve your landscaping, applying a layer of fresh mulch works wonders. Talk with an expert about what color mulch is best suited for your particular yard, but a new, darker mulch can often add contrast to make all of your colorful plants and flowers pop. 

Wash Dirty Surfaces

Decks, porches, pathways, and other surfaces commonly collect a lot of grime and dirt and may lead to even the nicest of yards, deterring potential buyers. Consider renting or buying a power washer to clean off dirty surfaces. Power washers do an excellent job removing muck, mud, and dirt from paved pathways, decks, and porches, and best of all, they do it with very little time and effort. If you’re looking to sell your home, and fast, washing these dirty surfaces can make a big difference.  

Trim and Shape Plants

If your yard is filled with weeds, overgrown bushes and limbs, and dead plant debris, your home may look like it’s been neglected. By spending a little bit of time and a small am

Sell Your Home Faster with these 5 Landscaping Tips

ount of money on trimming and shaping these types of areas, you can drastically improve your home’s appearance and value. Remove all dead plants from your garden, yards, and flower beds so that your potential buyers can focus on the new mulch and fresh, colorful flowers. Also, by eliminating overgrown bushes and weeds, your visitors will clearly see your beautiful home and will be more likely to remember it. 

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