Leading With Excellence

Leading With Excellence

Leading With Excellence

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Mark Spain Real Estate values leading with excellence and believes that constant growth and improvement benefits our clients as much as it benefits our employees. We are committed to continuously educating and training our team members and have recently done so through Leadership 1.0, Leadership 2.0, and by providing other resources for personal and professional development. 

It is important to work with a real estate agent you can trust. If you are interested in buying or selling your home, you can trust Mark Spain Real Estate to provide the most professional, knowledgeable, and enjoyable experience!

We value leading with excellence.

Leading with Excellence

Leadership 1.0

As Mark Spain Real Estate embarked on pursuing new leadership opportunities for team members at all levels to pursue, our President, John Makarewicz, made the suggestion to develop Leadership 1.0. This program was designed to give our team members a platform to strengthen their leadership skills and provide a space to grow both personally and professionally. Leadership 1.0 is available to anyone on the Mark Spain Real Estate team and is led by our President, John Makarewicz, along with Performance Coach, James Sasson. 

Leadership 1.0 studies Dare to Lead by Brené Brown, “the ultimate playbook for developing brave leaders and courageous cultures.” The book studies four key leadership skill sets: vulnerability, values, trust, and resilience. Of these, James’ favorite section was about vulnerability, and he shared that he believes it is immensely valuable for every leader in our organization to be vulnerable and honest in order to lead well. 

When asked about Leadership 1.0, Sofia Maldonado, a newer member of our team, shared

I signed up for Leadership 1.0 because I felt that getting to learn about leadership from such knowledgeable and wise individuals, like John and James, was a priceless opportunity. I know I have a lot to learn as I begin my professional career and want to surround myself with people who inspire me to go the extra mile. I also want to expand my network at Mark Spain Real Estate! I know we have many talented individuals working here, and Leadership 1.0 gives me an opportunity to meet people outside of my department.” Sofia also looks forward to better understanding her strengths and weaknesses to seek great growth in her career and personal life. 

Leadership 2.0

According to John Makarewicz, “one of Mark Spain Real Estate’s core values is to constantly grow and improve. It is important to our company to offer our team members opportunities to grow both personally and in their careers. This growth also allows us to continue serving our clients at the highest levels.” In order to provide these opportunities, we developed Leadership 2.0.

Leadership 2.0 is new to Mark Spain Real Estate this year and was introduced as a follow-up program for team members who completed Leadership 1.0 and would like to continue developing themselves as leaders. Leadership 2.0 studies a John Maxwell workbook, and helps team members of all levels learn from and interact with people all throughout our organization. 

Alexander Boza, a member of the Mark Spain Real Estate team, shared that he joined leadership 1.0 “to gain other team members’ perspectives on leadership and to learn effective leadership skills.” He learned that “there is no blueprint for what makes someone an effective leader, but that leaders are most effective when they adapt their leadership style to fit those they are leading.” Alexander just began the first round of Leadership 2.0, and he says he is enjoying the program so far! 

We value leading with excellence here at Mark Spain Real Estate.

The Call to Courage

Another way Mark Spain Real Estate encourages leadership development is through public speakers, readings, and courses from reputable sources. Some of our Performance Coach’s favorite thought leaders include Simon Sinek, John Maxwell, and Brené Brown. 

One resource we encourage anyone pursuing leadership development to watch is The Call to Courage, by Brené Brown. In The Call to Courage, Brené teaches that the way to become a courageous leader is to be vulnerable. She shares the belief that vulnerability and trust work together to form a strong leader, and “we can’t give up on vulnerability. It’s the path back to ourselves and each other.” Our Marketing Intern, Julianne Vogel, shared “[her] favorite part of the Call to Courage is Brené making the point that it is important to both make an effort and take chances; there is likely no great success that has happened without at least one of these.”

We value having team members at all levels who are courageous leaders, always looking to serve those around them and constantly improving themselves. Leadership Development is key to the Mark Spain Real Estate journey, and we prioritize growth opportunities and providing a path for our employees to follow. We believe that having competent and confident leaders helps us to provide an unparalleled client experience. 

One of Mark Spain Real Estate’s core values is to constantly grow and improve. It is important to our company to offer our team members opportunities to grow both personally and in their careers. This growth also allows us to continue serving our clients at the highest levels.”John Makarewicz, President of Mark Spain Real Estate 

If you are looking to work with dedicated and knowledgeable individuals who are constantly improving themselves personally and professionally, choose Mark Spain Real Estate for all your home buying or home selling needs. 

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