Our Client Experience: Lisa’s Guaranteed Offer

Our Client Experience: Lisa’s Guaranteed Offer

Our Client Experience: Lisa’s Guaranteed Offer

By Mark Spain Real Estate

At Mark Spain Real Estate, our agents work tirelessly to deliver an unparalleled experience to each and every one of our clients. With the Guaranteed Offer Program, you will receive an unparalleled selling experience by bypassing showings and open houses for a seamless sale. Selling your home traditionally on the market can be stressful due to all of the preparation for showings and open houses, waiting for an offer, and moving in a crunched timeframe. With our Guaranteed Offer program, you can eliminate all of that and sell your home simple and hassle-free! 

By sticking to our core values, we have remained the #1 team in the U.S. for closed transactions for 5 consecutive years. That’s why when Shana was in search of selling her home,  Mark Spain Real Estate and our Guaranteed Offer were the perfect match. 

We are committed to reaching each of our clients’ goals and offering many different selling options. We would be grateful to serve you in navigating the residential market. Please visit our website for more information on Mark Spain Real Estate!

Lisa’s Story

Lisa's Guaranteed Offer

After speaking with our client, Lisa, we understood her real estate goals and found out that she was ready to sell her home fast. She had heard great things about Mark Spain Real Estate and our Guaranteed Offer Program through ads and billboards in her area. After deciding to give us a call we set her up for her first consultation with one of our exclusive listing agents. She was presented with all three of our selling options.

As we uncovered what Shana’s real estate goals were, we discovered that she wanted to sell her home within the next year, but did not want the stress of open houses and showings. After talking through all of the selling options, we came to a conclusion that our Guaranteed Offer would be the best fit for her home! Shana understood that the market she was selling in was hot and wanted to ensure she was getting the best offer for her home. With Mark Spain Real Estate, she could do just that as she is in the best hands possible no matter what condition the market is in!

We are dedicated to all of our clients, and we are grateful we were able to provide the Guaranteed Offer Program to Shana and reach her real estate goals. This opportunity was the perfect fit, as we could bypass showings and create a seamless and stress-free sale!

Lisa’s Feedback

When asked about her experience when working with a Mark Spain Real Estate Agent and the Guaranteed Offer, Shana said:

Lisa's Guaranteed Offer

“The communication at Mark Spain Real Estate was outstanding! Within less than a week’s time, offers were rolling in and I was impressed. I can basically say my home was sold in a week’s time. I chose to close on my home in a little under 90 days and avoided all of the stress. Hands down I have truly enjoyed working with this brokerage and my agent was there with me from the very beginning to my closing date. If you are seeking professional service, effective communication, honesty, and hard-working agents who go the extra mile. Please look no further!”

Our Guaranteed Offer Program

Mark Spain Real Estate is grateful for each opportunity to extend our clients a Guaranteed Offer and provide a selling process made simple and stress-free. This program allows clients to avoid all showings and have no open houses! Closing in as little as 21 days, you can trust that you are in the best hands possible when working with an agent at Mark Spain Real Estate to accomplish your goals fast. 

Mark Spain Real Estate has other selling programs including our traditional Market Listing program and our Accelerated Offer program. We are grateful to provide options for our clients to serve them in selling their homes hassle-free and effectively meet their goals. To learn more about our selling options at Mark Spain Real Estate, please visit this blog

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