Mark Spain Team Named One of the Top 500 Real Estate Marketers

Mark Spain Team Named One of the Top 500 Real Estate Marketers

Mark Spain Team Named One of the Top 500 Real Estate Marketers

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Mark Spain Real Estate Real Estate is honored to be named one of the Top 500 Real Estate Marketers! We are proud of our team’s dedication to greatness and their drive to continuously be better at what they do! Our Marketers are one of a kind team, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without them! 

Mark Spain Real Estate is actively searching for new and dedicated individuals who are yearning to learn and grow daily in this ever-growing industry  If you lead with a servant’s heart and want to be a part of this Mark Spain family, contact us today!

Making a Name for Ourselves With Our Marketers

Mark Spain Team Named One of the Top 500 Real Estate Marketers

As the real estate market in Atlanta keeps changing, the Mark Spain Team continues to seize every new opportunity. In real estate, repetition can be detrimental. There are some things we’re happy to repeat though. The Mark Spain Team being placed on the National Association of Expert Advisors’ Top 500 Real Estate Marketers List is one of them.

Making the top 500 was a huge accomplishment, but making it the second time required some changes. “We don’t make the mistake of ever thinking we are done with marketing or getting our team’s name in front of the public. It’s an ongoing process that we adjust to incorporate the latest technology,” our CEO and founder, Mark Spain, recently declared.

Mixing the Old and the New

As the real estate marketing environment is ever-changing, The Mark Spain Team is always adapting to new changes and bettering its marketing efforts. We’ve added new technology like S.M.S. Marketing to our toolbox: each For Sale sign has a unique set of numbers which when texted will give potential buyers all the information they need. Since Smartphones are becoming a part of everyone’s brains, we figured we’d put our listings in there too.

Mark Spain Real Estate is an expert when it comes to understanding different markets and marketersNew technology is great, but we don’t forget the old-school methods: magazines, radio ads, billboards. Mixing old and new methods helped us close 1,163 listings last year. In a crowded Atlanta real estate market, we know how to deliver the best results to our clients.

Mark Spain Real Estate strives to be the most knowledgeable in the markets! We take pride in being named the most trusted real estate firm in the industry. We take time in strengthening our knowledge of technology, real estate, and self-improvement to feed our drive of continuously learning and growing! 

Our team prepares many training activities, podcasts, and books to aid us in our ever-growing need to learn and grow. One of our core values is to continuously learn and grow, which is one way we have set ourselves apart. We strive to lead with a servant’s heart and exemplify this is all that we do! 

As much as we enjoy our place in the Top 500 Real Estate Marketers and other awards, it’s not what motivates us: it’s our clients. We’re not just selling a home for them or to them. We’re helping them find a place where they can make memories. Giving our clients the chance to make these memories drives our marketing, and ultimately our business.

We are grateful for our team of marketers and for their dedication and care for their clients. We are thankful to be named the most trustworthy in the industry. We strive to be the most knowledgeable in the industry, as well. Our Marketers are constantly pursuing multiple training sessions s to increase their knowledge!

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