The Importance of Managing Your Online Presence

The Importance of Managing Your Online Presence

The Importance of Managing Your Online Presence

By Mark Spain Real Estate

The world has taken a shift to a more digital environment. Our Mark Spain Real Estate agents are in the field, working tirelessly to ensure their clients’ real estate goals are being met. However, clients are going to be researching their agents online before they meet, which is why managing your online presence is very important. 

Online platforms are convenient and the fastest way to learn about someone or something before making a commitment. Because of this, managing your online presence and keeping it tidy is crucial when trying to market yourself and build trust with your current and future clients. Here at Mark Spain Real Estate, we spend a lot of time making sure our clients are provided with the right information and resources to feel confident and comfortable throughout their journey. 

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Mark Spain Real Estate is a full-service residential real estate brokerage serving families in reaching their selling or buying goals. We bring a differentiated approach to selling through our various selling options, including our Guaranteed Offer program. To learn more about this program, click here. Additionally, to learn more about how to begin managing your online presence, continue reading!  

How to Make Sure You Are Managing Your Online Presence

Brand Yourself

Nowadays, managing your online presence is extremely important as most individuals like to do their research before committing to something or someone. By branding yourself, while staying within your brokerages and real estate commissions guidelines, you will be able to build a strong reputation that is backed up by testimonials, resulting in referrals. At Mark Spain Real Estate, we encourage our agents to ask for reviews every time they serve a client. It is essential to brand yourself towards the market that you know you are strong in, finding your niche. Attract your target market by showing them you can sell them a lifestyle, not just a home.

At Mark Spain Real Estate, we were founded on placing the client first. It is important to us to represent a “leading with a servant’s heart mentality” in all that we do, even when we are not working. What you post online represents you, and the people you surround yourself with! 

Educate Clients

mark educating clients on his knowledge of the marketAs clients are looking for a home, or looking to sell a home, they are doing a lot of research to make sure they are making informed decisions. When you are up to date with the current trends and events in the industry and the market you serve, the client will have more trust in you to guide them in making informed decisions. To build your business, you need to build trust with your clients. You can easily start to build that trust if you are providing them with all of the information that they need to feel comfortable and confident throughout the process. 

Being a trusted source in the real estate market is important, at Mark Spain Real Estate, one of our core values is to constantly grow and improve. Our team takes on multiple pieces of training throughout the year, invests in taking the time for personal improvement, and carves out time for mentorship opportunities. When you invest in managing your online presence, you can shine a light on the ways you are expanding your knowledge of the market!

Grow Your Network

One of the biggest advantages of an online presence is being able to connect with others. As we mentioned earlier, it is crucial to educate your clients. But, where do you start, and how do you make sure that the knowledge you are giving them is something they can trust? That is where building a network becomes important. Reach out and connect with insurance brokers, mortgage brokers, contractors, interior designers, and other agents. Learn from those around you and share that with your clients to build trust. Managing your online presence will also make other industry professionals more apt to connect with you! 

At our brokerage, we have created a fun and supportive environment. Our agents have multiple opportunities to work with and shadow other agents and leaders in their offices to build on each other’s knowledge. The real estate market is ever-changing, so it is important to exercise your skills and knowledge, and what better way to do that than to combine your brain with another agent? You are ⅕ of the people you surround yourself with!   

Stay Ahead of Competition

Your competition will always be looking for new ways to stay ahead, which means that you need to be, too. Clients are going to navigate towards the agents that make themselves visible rather than digging for hours to find an agent. Put yourself out there to separate yourself from your competitors while also staying within your broker’s guidelines. It is possible to brand yourself while also sticking with your broker’s brand which not only makes you perceived as a trustworthy agent but also shows why it should be you above anyone else.

There are many ways to begin managing your online presence and your brand. Ensuring accuracy within the photography you choose, the verbiage around your words, and the comments are a reflection of your business. It is important to respond to all feedback consistently, kindly, and with the idea in mind of growing and improving from all feedback. 

Mark Spain Real Estate is here to provide tips on managing your online presence and help you succeed as a real estate agent! We would be grateful to connect with you on expanding your career and delivering an unparalleled client experience. We are honored to hire those who are willing to constantly grow and improve and lead with a servant’s heart! For more information, please visit our website

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