Mark Spain Real Estate Featured on the Dave Baker Home Fix It Show

Mark Spain Real Estate Featured on the Dave Baker Home Fix It Show

Mark Spain Real Estate Featured on the Dave Baker Home Fix It Show

By Mark Spain Real Estate

Mark Spain Real Estate was featured on WSB’s Home Fix It Show with Dave Baker! President John Makarewicz went live to give an update on the company and answer caller’s questions. 

Home Fix It Show with Dave Baker

Dave Baker is an Atlanta residential household repair and home improvement expert. He provides advice and tips on planning, building, and fixing up around the house. Using his “toolbox of knowledge” he invites home experts to answer any and all home improvement questions. Tune in to Dave Baker’s Home Fix It Show 9am to noon on WSB radio at 95.5FM or AM750!

Mark Spain Real Estate is featured on Home Fix It Show

John Makarewicz Gives a Company Update

Mark Spain Real Estate has continued to stay open for business during these unprecedented times. Our company was designated as an essential business during the downturn. We are glad to say the real estate industry is actually doing quite well. There have been dramatic shifts in how we do business though. We added virtual appointments, showings, and online contracts to name a few new business operations.

However, we are starting to get back to a normal flow. In addition, inclement weather well prepared us for working from home. We have a robust team working on call from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm. Furthermore, the on call team transitioned from desktops in the office to new laptops to work seamlessly at home. Mark Spain Real Estate also does a yearly stress test of the team’s home environment to ensure productivity. Overall, we quickly shifted everybody to work from home without missing a beat!

Makarewicz Answers Caller Questions

Have you seen someone purchase a home that hasn’t seen it in person?
“Yes, and we are seeing it more today. COVID-19 actually caused more innovation across all industries and created new ways of doing business.”

“Buyers are now doing more research online and taking the time to thoroughly review the online listing photos, read the descriptions, and schedule virtual tours. Doing this can help buyers feel like they are walking through the home in person. We have absolutely sold some homes in the last few months that buyers saw after closing. It won’t ever be 100% the way we sell homes but it is happening.”

Do I need a copy of a clean deed or a lean release to take care of everything when purchasing a home? “That will be enough. When you purchase a home you get a warranty deed that transfers ownership and the security deed, so you become the full owner of that home.”

Do I need a termite bond to sell my house?
“It’s up to the buyer to get a termite inspection  as part of their due diligence period. It is not required, but I would highly recommend buyers to do that. Don’t wait for your home inspector, be proactive and spend a few dollars to get that done.”

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